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Increased heart rate after AF ablation

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Has anyone had a similar experience? Two weeks after my ablation my resting heart rate shot up from 75-80 to 120-130 bpm. After 24 hours it had not gone down, so I saw my GP who ran an ECG and confirmed that my heart rate was high. He suggested that I increase my Sotalol medication from 80mg a day to 120 mg. So far (48 hours later) this has had no effect. I know that there are ups and downs after an ablation as the heart heals, but is this normal? And how long can I expect to have such a high heart rate? Any thoughts from fellow sufferers would be very welcome.

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Hi. Regretfully this is a regular occurence. If it has not settled over 3 days it would be wise to go to the a&e, given the high rate. Oherwise contact the EP either the secretary, or if you have one the AF nurse, whom generally should have been available to you for a few weeks after the ablation, Monday morning.

Be well


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Contact your EP . Although raised HR is common after ablation I would not expect it this high. It may well be atrial tachycardia and need cardioversion so speak to your Arrhythmia nurse or ring the EP's secretary . Your GP should not be expected to deal with this and it has happened to me on two occasions post ablation. . I do hope you are still anticoagulated as this will be necessary before DCCV can be considered.

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Many thanks for the helpful advice. I'm still taking rivaroxaban so I'd be OK for a DCCV if that was necessary. Thanks again.


Agree sith Bob, I had my ablation 3 month ago and the first

30-40 days my HR went from pre-ablation 65-70 to 89-97 post ablation.

It is now around 72 - 84 and going down. Still way to go.

All the best mate


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Thanks. Good to know it'll go down eventually

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Mines still elevated 9 months later, not to those levels though.... there seems to be some evidence that high heart rate post ablation is a marker of successful every cloud and all that👍🏻👍🏻

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That's what I like to hear.

After my ablation my resting heart rate went from 64 to 92 and over 9 months came down slowly. I am back to 68 beats resting. Try not to worry, your heart is healing.

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Thanks for that. I've got to be a bit more patient! My second EGG showed 100 non but since then it's yo-you'd between 100 and 130, Ah well.

My last ablation was November 2016 for paf, Hr was around 60- 80 bpm now in permanent AF with HR around 115 bpm. EP has advised Pace and Ablate hopefully to be done in the next 6 weeks

Why not just a touch up ablation. I have had five. First by an inexperienced EP in 2011. By the next one the next EP was outmatched as my afib festered for years. EP number three got rid of Afib on third ablation. Then two to ups for flutter.

I had an ablation 2 weeks ago. My heart rate was a little faster for a while but for the last 2 days it has been 113-129. I feel tired, short of breath and lightheaded a great deal of the time. I called my EP and he had me come in this morning for an EKG and a possible cardioversion. He decided to not do the cardioversion and asked me to let him know how I was doing in a couple of days. I wasn't looking forward to a cardioversion but am frustrated with the high heart rate.

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