Results of caterer ablation

I had Ablation done at UHNM in Stoke in December last year. The Ablation has bought my heart rate down from a high of 170bpm to 60-70 most of the time. It did start to rise again at times to around 90 Bpm so had word with my GP and he agreed to let me try small dose of Atenolol 25mg once per day which has now reduced it to consistent 60-75 Bpm. Which I find is no problem. The only other medication I am on is 3mg Warfarin once per day with a INR blood test once a month which is no big problem. So my one Ablation seems to have worked at the moment. The specialist at Stoke a Doctor Beynon was very good.

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  • Sounds good Mike, let's hope the change in medication improves the way you feel.......

  • That's good to hear. Long may it continue.

  • That's good news, and reassuring for me. My Cardiologist at Leighton is referring me to Dr Beynon with a recommendation for an Ablation. I am a bit nervous. I have PAF, and my heart rate is controlled with Bisoprolol and Dronedarone. It is usually 60bpm. I'm quite happy with that but episodes of AF are becoming more frequent. Is an Ablation the answer? I'm not sure.

    Take care Mike, hope the recovery continues.

  • Fernie. My heart rate went as high as 160 Bpm at times so ended up in Stoke under observation. So was referred to Rhys Beynon. Has was at Liverpool previously I think. My Ablation was almost painless and only took about 1.5hours I was home at 3pm on the day. But be warned you could feel very tired for couple of months at times. I am 76 now but other than feeling tired it has worked well for me. But you do have allow time for your heart to recover from the procedure. I am long time retired so was no problem to me to sleep when I needed to. But young Dr Beynon looked after me very well. Mike

  • You must be feeling loads better nothing worse than fast AF. Sounds like a result to me. xxxx

  • Hi, so pleased you're feeling better.

    I've just moved to Staffordshire and have a cardio appointment in Burton soon. I think I'll be given a choice of hospitals for an ablation referral. Do you recommend Stoke, or should I consider the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham?

    Does anyone else here have experience of Stoke/Birmingham hospitals for ablation?

    Thank you v much :o)

  • Hi there Wendy Wu. You're not too far from me in Sutton Coldfield. I had an ablation for erratic fast heart-rate last September. We were on the point of leaving for a holiday & I needed to see a cadiologist pronto. My doc recommended me to Dr Yusuf, who works out of the Meridan hospital in Coventry & they looked after me well. Hope you get sorted soon.

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