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Hi All,

Some background: Age 50 now, previously very athletic and have always enjoyed a beer or two.

Long story short, things went not normal around 2008. I moved to Japan in 2009 and spent the next 6 years bouncing between doctors and taking all kinds of drugs. Finally registered with a progressive clinic and got my first ablation in August 2015. It worked for 3 months before AF returned. Second ablation in March 2016, and apart from one morning of irregular HR which was sorted with cardioversion the same day, things have been going well since. Currently exercising and feeling ok!

Nice to meet you!

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Nice to meet you Okiowen and welcome to the forum. Sounds like you have things pretty well under control and here's hoping it stays that way! It will be interesting to hear how care and treatments differ between Japan and the rest of the world....stay OK and we will all be happy!! Best wishes, John


Cheers John. I do feel very fortunate to be living in Japan. They have a top-notch health system. Patients pay for treatment, but as long as you pay your NI, then you get 70% off, plus there`s monthly cap of £450 that they can`t charge more than. An 8 day stay in hospital with full board and 6 hour ablation cost me about £500 each time - and virtually no waiting list.

Good luck to you too John.


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I'm on my way!!!!!!!


Hi Owen, we have another member on this forum who lives in Japan. He has had a successful ablation there too. I will try and recall his name for you so that you can send him a private message, yes it's Japaholic. Click on his name here and message him, nice friendly person who you can compare notes with.



Thank you so much Jean. :-)


Nice to meet you fellow Japan resident AF'er

We should have a nosh and natter, it would be a very exclusive club!


Likewise Japaholic. Exclusive, but growing, I`m sure!


Just sent you a PM, I have to go eat but keep in touch!


I had my only ablation in March 2016. Had PAF daily in week after the op. Then roughly monthly episodes with last on 17 November 2016. Now almost 3 months AF free. No drugs. Why did it take 8 months post ablation to stop? Has it stopped for good? Who knows?


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