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Useful post ablation info.

Hi all, I had an ablation just over 3 weeks ago and have had a few symptoms like high resting pulse, intermittent SOB, gastric reflux to the point of misery etc. I have been scanning the internet for my symptoms and had drawn a black until today when I chanced upon this article. Maybe other post ablaters might find it useful..

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An informative, interesting and easy to read. Thank you for posting. Kellyjelly please check this link above.


Thank you so much for that Jean, really helpful and reassuring. X

Hi Nelspet, thank you for posting that, it was really helpful and reassuring. I’m on day 2 and after a lovely day yesterday with a really quiet heart I’ve woken up today with lots of palpitations and my heart feels very excitable. I’ve read so much about how this is all completely normal but it doesn’t make it anymore disconcerting. I know I need to stop moaning and go with it and it’s only day 2 for goodness sake, but I’m just feeling sorry for myself 🥴

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Glad it was a help. I was very sore after mine but mainly with acid reflux, I then as part of an ablation trial had an endoscopy 5 days later and I really regret that now. Things have settled in the last few days. I’ve put myself on a “cut the crap out diet” and that’s definitely helping. I know what you mean about a lively heart though! Feels like there is a full battle going on between the God of Af and the God of NSR. That said I’ve had a one minute episode of Af which was expediently dispatched by the valsalva menouvre but otherwise touch wood it’s playing the game.

Definitely follow the the BobD rules of rest then rest some more and try not to get freaked out by it. The evil Af just loves a bit of anxiety!

Take care...

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That is understandable, just remember that your heart is really peed off with you right now, you have put it through a lot, and it will take time to calm down.

My EP explained it that the heart is trying to get in to AF which is a state it likes to be in because it's easier, but it can't because of the ablation.

Just stay as relaxed as you can.

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Or you could have just read our fact sheet on Recovering from Ablation.

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Factsheet has been read over and over again BobD. Is it bad form to talk about still feeling scared despite having all the information from the factsheet? Just because you know something is to be expected doesn’t make it any easier or feel less uncomfortable.

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Sorry you've lost me now. I was pointing out that the good Drs comments are fully covered in our fact sheet. This was prepared from a list of things "nobody told me" gleaned from members here. I never said it was better, just that this informataion has been out there for a year now and yes it was a long time coming .

Hi Bob, to be fair the fact sheet for what I’ve seen of it is a list of do’s and don’ts In the first week. The doctor in the link gives a list of things you might experiences and in the case of the elevated pulse, he gives an approximate time frame for it. It’s not better it’s just different.

Snap!!! What a coincidence. I found this site yesterday. Had ablation 4 weeks ago & no probs until a couple of days ago. A low level 'buzzing' in my chest & a feeling like a caffeine overload, weakness, and sob. I'm still on Flecainide 250mgm, Bisoprolol 5mgm & Apixaban. I think it's hard to know if what I am feeling is caused by medication or condition. I just wanted a bit of reassurance that the feeling is healing!!! Still don't know!! I do hope your symptoms settle and all goes well for you. I had self inflicted gastric symptoms. I bought a magnesium oil spray after having the ablation. I was smothering myself in it - down the arms, legs, bum, the lot. I thought I'd picked up a particularly virulent gastric bug in hospital so kept on with the mag oil for a few days and then had a Eureka moment!!! I'd been violently 'self cleansing' via the spray. Shares in Andrex soared that week!!!!

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