Hi, I've been switching beta blockers around to try and find the one which suits me the best. I've been on Nebivolol for nearly two weeks now and it's great. No AF episodes, no dizziness and best of all energy!!!! I've been working on mindfulness techniques and some CBT too and yesterday I went out with my children, the word AF never came into my mind once and we had a great time! It felt like a great breakthrough!

I just wondered if any Nebivolol users out there could share their dosage. I'm on 1.25mg daily which must be very low as I have to break the smallest tablet available in half to take. By bedtime and in the morning it feels like it has worn off and the heart is a bit more 'bouncy'. I was thinking of asking GP if I could take another 1.25 in the evening,

Thanks for you help.

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  • That sounds like a good result - well done on the Mindfulness & CBT. Illustrates l just what is possible.

    Sorry can't advise re dosage.

  • Thanks - I think it changed when I took control and went into appointments armed with knowledge and an idea of what I wanted out of it.

  • I'm also on 1.25mg, and have been for 4 years and have been fairly stable, but the last week or so I'm having lots of AF events. I'm at gp tomorrow to discuss trying bisoprolol again. I tried upping the dose of nebivolol and found more events. Obviously not suiting my condition now.

  • That's great news! Sounds like you're making real progress.

  • I'm on 2.5mg and have been for many years without problems after switching from Atenolol

  • I too have been on half the table but now on as quarter as my pulse in getting slower and I am sleepy every afternoon, lucky Im retired but its not how I want to feel. Pat

  • Hi Richard,

    What the latest news on the new BB (Nebivolol) you are trying out?



  • Hi Barry,

    Been on them for 2 1/2 weeks now and the difference is huge. Feels like my life has come back - energy, no dizziness and no AF episodes. It is a mixture of beta blockers and calcium blockers and seems to be the answer for me. I was on 1.25mg daily but as of today I have increased to 2.5mg split between morning and evening as I felt that it was wearing off by the end of the day.


  • Hi Richard,

    Thanks for your reply and Well Done on finding a Beta Blocker which suits you.



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