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Af and Drugs

AF & Medication.

I have had AF for 2 years now, on meds Metoporol 50 mg & Flecainide 100 mgs daily along with a blood thinner

I Have been in AF for the past 2 month now & not enjoying the side effects of the drugs feeling tired all the time, wondering if the diagnosis AF is not as bad as the drugs. I decided to stop both Medication a month ago I cannot believe Stopping with no side effects & how much better I feel. My pulse is sitting at 80 ish irregular but I can live with that & AF now I'm not on the drugs have lots more energy I cannot believe how good I feel.

Has anyone else stopped there Meds & how do they feel would love some feed back.

Regards Rob xx

I'm even walking again.

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Does your doc/ cardiologist think it's a good idea. What do they think about 80 pulse? Assume you still take your anticoagulant?


You are not alone in feeling poorly from drug side effects. Drugs that work great with no side effects for one, make the next person feel sluggish or generally unwell. The good news is that there are multiple drugs and one may work better for you and allow you to feel well with minimal side effects. When you stop trying to manage the AF and just allow it to be persistent you need to know that it can remodel your heart, making changes that can affect your long term cardiac health. It sounds as though your rate is fine, but your rhythm, not so fine. I would encourage you to work with your doctor in finding meds that work for you with fewer side effects, or to discuss the next steps, which may include an ablation. Strongly suggest you do not discontinue the anticoagulant as that is key in stroke prevention. Best to you, Rob. It's a journey to wellness with AF. Keep walking!


Still taking anticoagulant I would never stop them. Thank you.


Your rate is ok and you are now in permanent af. Flecainide has not converted you and it doesn't look like you need a rate control drug. So stopping metoprolol and flecainide sounds reasonable to me, but what about ablation?



Hey Goldfish thank you for your positive input I really appreciate it. Yes I've thought about an Ablation but I'm rather nervous about it also the ablation was successful but then it breaks out some where else. I've read people have had it done 2 3 or even 4 times. I'm not sure if this is the road I want to go down. My father had AF from his mid 60's & died of Pneumonia in the end at 90. AF never killed him. So I'm a little nervous about it plus being a Nurse I'm thinking I will live with it perhaps.

How are you going. Would love to hear about your journey with AF.

Cheers. Rob xx


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