AF without drugs update

Hi everyone

I'm in permanent AF and although I was on drugs for two years I'm not on drugs

My EP took me off them over a time

I feel good 90% of the time

I suffer from fatigue quite often more so this weather

My lower legs still swell so diltiazem wasn't the culprit

I'm going for an echo this month to see how the old pump is doing

See EP in a couple months

Heart rate around 90 to 100 at rest but wasn't much less on drugs


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  • That is really interesting, especially that you feel well off the drugs. Yesterday I had to take Flecainide as a pip. It works after an hour or so but I did think " What exactly is this stuff doing to my body and how exactly does it manage to stop my heart fibrillating?"

  • Hi Jennydog

    I guess because I'm stuck in AF 24 /7 and I'm mostly symptom free

    That is my body is used to it

    When I was cardio verted twice before I felt no differant

    But I knew when I had dropped back into AF

    Still wish to be fixed at some point

  • Hi Keith, good to see you are still doing well. When they do the echo, ask if they can check to see if your heart has a left atrial aclusion. (LAA). I think I read somewhere that not all hearts have it; and if you don't, you should have less chance of forming clots and may not need NOAC's. In one of my recent posts, there was a discussion on using the lariat at the same time ablation was done. I wonder if people without an LAA are less likely to have AF.

  • That's very interesting Keith.

    I'm in a similar position to you and have been thinking of requesting an echocardiogram test, to see if my heart has weakened since the last one.

    Do you get the fatigue after exertion, or does it come on its own ?


  • Hi Mike

    I'm 60 and in construction and tiredness hit me with drugs and without not just after exertion

    But I have the odd power nap lol and feel ok after

    My worry is my legs and lower edema

    I have to kneel sometimes at work and sit which makes it worse

    I've tried water tablets but don't like them

    Need to drop some weight too

    When I look up heart failure I have those symptoms

    But I can walk and work so not I'm not a wreck yet

    AF is a bummer but I just crack on and hope for a fix

  • Hi Hardjuice,

    I too have all the heart failure symptoms, but apparently the only cure is a transplant and I ain't going down that road.

  • sounds better not to be on the drugs!!

    Hope you keep well

  • Thanks Rosy

  • p s if you ask the question it is left atrial appendage- occlusion is the minor op to shut the appendage off so blood can't get in and form clots

  • pps your heart rate doesn't seem to get too high with AF- have heard consultants say this is good as not putting heart under pressure

  • The echo. will give you a lot of info.Do get the doc. to talk you through the result and not just say 'oh, everything is fine!'........I take Magnesium to help with the pumping action of a slightly enlarged heart but do ask your GP or consultant first

  • No blood thinners? Not even an aspirin?

  • Nothing

  • With doctors consent or like me being asked by cardiologist, If I want to have a stroke?

  • EP


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