Is my heart going to stop beating, will I drop dead?

I started taking Bisoprolol 5yrs ago because I had fluid on my lungs after a chest infection, was told I had heart failure but not to worry that was just a general description of an ageing heart After a recent routine ECG an unusual heartbeat was noted and I was put on warfarin to prevent clots and strokes ctc. This has all worried and frightened me. I am a newbie to heart trouble, am I right to feel concerned about AF. I am 79yr old female I am also a type 2 DIabetic So worried advise please I'm new here Gladaven.

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  • Three things to understand about AF. It won't kill you. It won't kill you and NO It won't kill you. Might feel like it sometimes mind you.

    So long as you are on anticoagulation to prevent stroke which you are at risk of you can carry on for years yet.

  • agree with Bob! Anticoagulation is the key thing needed. Don't fret too much!!

  • Thank you I will keep taking the tabs I must take Thank you 2 per night Mon-Fri and 1 per night Sat and Sun Thanks again Bob and rosyG Cheers Gladaven. xx

  • I echo Bob and RosyG words, take heed and relax. X

  • Ditto from me too. One of the worst effects of AF is the fear and anxiety that it engenders, and this, I think, makes it feel worse than it is. On my second attack I was better informed and managed to keep my wits about me and 'ride it out'.

    Just one point: there are other "unusual heartbeats", have you been told that it is AF?

  • Yes thank you. xx.

  • I was diagnosed in 1992 and still here I have multi conditions also.

    Be Well

  • Thank you for your kind reply. xx

  • I agree with all of the above. Also, and it might help, 'heart failure' isn't an expression when used by the medics that means your heart is going to stop. It just means that it isn't working 100%. Don't worry, you are taking anticoagulants which is the main thing, you aren't going to die just like that. pjr

  • No! It might not even change your life style. AF can be very uncomfortable but can be managed with medication. There are three areas that need attention with AF, these are heart rhythm, heart rate and stroke prevention. All of these can be dealt with using medication.

    When I was originally diagnosed I had the same concerns as you but my medical team were quick to reassure me that there was nothing about AF that means I wouldn't enjoy a long and healthy life. I have found this to be true.

  • Thank you for your kind reply.xx.

  • Hi Gladaven :-) welcome. I think quite a proportion of the population has a degree of 'heart failure 'it is part of aging

    You say...

    [quote ''After a recent routine ECG an unusual heartbeat was noted and I was put on warfarin to prevent clots and strokes etc.'']

    The fact that your unusual heatbeat has been picked up and you are on anticoagulant to help prevent clotting and bisoprolol which takes some of the burden off your heart means you are less likely to drop dead than many people .

    A lot of people with an irregular heart beat never get diagnosed so are not on preventative medication so you could say we are the lucky ones :-)

  • Thank you for your kind reply>xx.

  • I have AF, an irregular heart rhythm, heart failure and a bio-mechanical mitral valve since I was 15 and I'm 51 now so am a living breathing testimony that you can survive quite well with these conditions. It must be a worry when you first get diagnosed but there is loads of help and support available, don't be afraid to ask. I've found most people are happy to help x

  • Thank you for your kind reply

  • My mother has had afib for over 25 yrs. She is 91 yrs old now. She was just diagnosed with heart failure, but you would never know it except occasionally she gets out of breath from exertion, but she recovers quickly. She started on 40 mgs of Lasix and it seems to be helping her a lot. She also takes Metoprolol, Eliquis. Losartan and thyroid meds. She has afib almost every day, but she doesn’t even fret about it anymore.

  • Thank you for your kind reply very helpful/ xx.

  • I was totally freaked out when my heart first went wacky. Now I am much more cavalier about it. You will get used to it. It probably took me a year not to get frequent panic attacks.

  • Thank you I do panic am on Diazapham for anxiety. xx

  • Thank you for your kind reply. x.

  • Thank you so much.xx.

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