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Saw arrythmia nurse yesterday also had ecg , chest x ray and an echo. Top 2 chambers of heart are a little enlarged but other than that all ok. Opinion is that chest pain etc is from heart still being inflamed and irritated from the ablation and may not settle down until the six week mark. He said fatigue could partly be due to the blood loss at end of procedure. Just told me to rest as much as possible and not to get frustrated if i cant do anything as body needs time to get over what is a bruising procedure best to recover slowly than undo any good that has been doing. Only negative was he told me to take ibuprofen wich i am not supposed to take because of blood pressure meds. Spoke to my excellent pharmacist this morning and she said there is no way i should take ibuprofen. We have spents months getting my blood presssure under control and its now really good so i dont intend to take anything that might compromise it. My Gp said last week that the important thing now is to make sure heart isnt under pressure to give it time to heal and to prevent any further problems so its no ibuprofen for me.

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  • Sounds all positive Stephanie. Take it easy.


  • Hello Bob and thankyou for your interest and advice its much appreciated i would have struggled without the help from this forum. I intend to take it easy until my heart and body tell me otherwise. I am a retail manager and have 2 new shops to open from scratch in March so thats my target as i can stay off until then so under no pressure to push myself.

  • Didn't we meet in London a few years ago or was that a different Stephanie?

  • I did

  • I did work in London for a while when i joined the police but transferred back up home in about 1992. I dont think we have met but you never know.

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