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Firstly Happy New Year to everyone and I hope 2017 brings good health to us all.

While looking for something else I came across a supplement called Cardioace that is claimed to be designed for heart health based on over 20 years of research. It includes various vitamins B1, B6 and B12 as well magnesium and garlic. All sounds impressive but I'm dubious about supplements. Has anyone tried this?



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It is doubtful that it will do you any harm but I couldn't comment on whether or not it would help AF. None of these supplements should be necessary if you eat a well balanced diet of natural foods but as we know modern society is not that easy.

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The 'well balanced diet' is a modern myth! We all eat differently, and, if the truth were known, none of us probably eat a truly well-balanced diet. If our particular diet gives us less zinc for example, than we need, then eventually, maybe after many years, our bodies simply won't work as well because we just don't have enough zinc. The same can be said of any other vitamin or mineral. The particular lack which seems to often lead to AF is magnesium, but it could be any of the others, or a combination of them, as they all work together.

I often think that if everyone took a multivitamin for three months each year, there might be a lot less illness for the doctors to treat. If taking a multivitamin-and-mineral, or a combination supplement such as Cardioace makes a noticeable difference, then it just shows that the person concerned was seriously lacking in one or more of the ingredients. Most of us will only notice improved overall health over a period of time eg fewer colds, less AF perhaps etc.

Modern farming methods mean that our food often contains far less of any particular mineral etc than it would have done 60 years ago, and this is where the problem lies. White flour, and therefore white bread, has all these nutrients stripped away from it - and then a few of them added back in; so anyone who only eats white bread is not on a 'balanced diet'! (which means most of us, judging by the proportion of white bread to brown which is sold in the shops!)

Having said all that, this particular supplement contains a some very good stuff, but is geared to helping the heart to do it's job generally as well as possible, to help prevent heart attacks for example, not to specifically help with AF, but it may do so, if you are short of any of the ingredients. Nothing it contains is controversial, so why not try it? - using the minimum dose initially, whatever the packet may say, so you can reassure yourself that it is not having a negative affect (we're all different - but it should be fine)

Read other posts here too, as there are some other tablets with mixed ingredients that are mentioned from time to time, which are more specifically geared to AF.


I don`t take a supplement as such but do take fresh garlic each day (a teaspoonful) I do not know yet until I go for my blood test if it affects my Warfarin but I did read that the capsules are not as good as the fresh. The other vitamins you mentioned you can take from the foods you eat and my diet is very simple - not junk food!


Hi Everybody

For some reason I can't write on hear only in reply. Can anyone help. I am always completely exhausted dozing all the time got no energy at all I've been to GP for my 10 minuets 3 times and they say we'll do some blood tests when I ring in for results and appointment to sort whats next but they say tests all clear no other action required I feel its getting worst I have to try something myself if GP does nothing.

I'm just getting to my question I read about cardioace could there be possibility they could help. I've looked online as local chemist never heard of them not interested in finding if they could get for me but on internet theres 3 different ones. !. Cardioace original 2 Cardioace Plus 3 Cardioace Max which do i try. I have to do spomething or else I'll end up a little old lady dozing in chair all day long. I feel unhappy not being able to do anything.

Help !!! Please greatfully CarolB

P.S. I have also had a caterac replaced and its not healing as it should THanks for listening xx


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