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Had some Sinus tachycardia

Also get the odd SV ectopic beats on past 24 HR Holter.

Have had ,since young,Sinus Tachycardia normaly in Early hours.

Had one episode when having an ECHO at cardiology 130BPM

The register gave me a Bisopralol 2.5mg to take for a month it calmed in a couple of hours without treatment.So did not take Bisopralol

I seldom drink alcholol 1 coffee a day and one tea!

I was on Propranolol 40mg 2x a day for a year after Mitral Valve Surgery,i was only put on it a few days after Heart Operation for Sinus tachycardia,

and as there is no clinical studies or evidence based studies to take betablockers

for Mitral Valve Repair decided to do without it with Surgeons agreement.

Had another episode of Sinus Tachycardia yesterday afternoon after Migraine

and didn't have dizzyness or short of breath about 130PBM from sitting and then while walking.Took one 2.5mg bisopralol last night as a one off but was wondering if i should now stop completely or take half tablet tonight... is tapering required for such a short time!Haven't been able to contact GP or Cardiologist

on Hols, asked Pharmacy but refered to GP or Cardio,but should really get an answer

I do have some mild asthma and use ventolin spray after a year on Propranolol it seemed to slightly affect asthma but Bisopralol is cardioselective i have heard.I think it is quite an important question,

Thanks for any advice.

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As no one else has replied yet my advice would be to go to A&E if you don't feel well and rest up if you can if you feel OK. I have asthma and was told Bisoprolol was 'not allowed' - my very good cardiologists words. I do not take Ventolin at all, I use a combination inhaler. It might be a good idea to have an asthma review. I do not think it is wise to take any drugs as PIP unless advised. Hope that helps.

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Hi Buffafly

thank you for your reply

I get your points too.

My cardiologist said some time ago that i could take

a small amount propranolol 10 -20mg if it

didn't interfere with mild asthma used as a one off...

for anxiety but not using Bisopralol 2.5mg for one day true!

So that was PIP from my idea.I sure their are people that may not have got on well after 1 day of using a Betablocker and so stopped after 1 day maybe.

But good to get your reply

much appreciated too.


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