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I had my first AF attack on Christmas Day last year. I've been lucky I. Having only one other attack two weeks after that. Since then no more. I've cycled, run and walked miles without any problems. Some minor ectopics. I'm careful what I drink and religiously take magnesium and Hawthorne and co enzyme without fail.

When I had my first attack I thought I was dying. Take heart anyone new to tAF This site is wonderful and thanks to all the volunteers who respond so patiently and so helpfully. Happy new year to everyone

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And a happy new year to you too, Elaine. I hope you'll do as well in 2017 as you have done this year! Those of us who have had lots of attacks of AF have discovered that it isn't anything like as fatal as it can sometimes feel.


I had my first attack nearly three weeks ago. Please could you direct me to information about the supplements that are supposed to help with AF.

I've got a skiing holiday booked in 10 days time and am a bit nervous about travelling and exerting myself. The nurse and doc said I should go!



Hi Elaine, HNY to you too. I would be interested in what got you onto Hawthorne and what form, which company and how much you take. I appreciate it is supposed to help, just a bit nervous about how to take it, strong??


Hello. I take obe tab a day Holland Barrett. I don't have the packet with me as in on hols in Tobago but it's not strong. I started taking it as I reads its function was to regulate heart beats. Works for me. V good luck e


I take the A.Vogel Crataegus Drops (Hawthorn) which I buy from a Health Food store. Here is a url that tells you more about it:


As well as taking the supplements you have mentioned, I also take garlic capsules daily which are also good for your heart.


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