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Hi guys! Just some advice or thoughts needed really! I'm a 35 year old female and had my first afib attack a year ago. At first I started having them once every couple of months and the longest attack was 24 hours. I would always revert back to normal rhythm though. Anyway to cut a long story short I had my ablation two months ago and everything was perfect! I had my life back! Then 5 weeks after the surgery it came back and is worse than ever! I've been in constant AF now for nearly 2 weeks and am waiting for an appointment with my surgeon. I just wanted to know if this has happened to anyone else? Xx

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  • Hi Katy, yes happened to me after my first ablation. Second worked for 9 months and third 8+ years and counting. It is still early days mind you. Maybe a Cardioversion could put it straight. I suggest that you speak to your EPs secretary and see if you can't get an early appointment.

  • Thanks bob! Sorry I forgot to mention I had a cardioversion 3 weeks ago and it worked but only for 2 days 😢

  • Yes it has happened to me. Cardioversion worked for 10 weeks. Ablation on 20th May and last Friday three weeks afterwards persistent AF started again. My AF was episodic over 10 years then went full time for 4 months till the cardioversion. The arrhythmia nurse says give it a chance it may settle. You can't make a judgement till 3 months after ablation. Fingers crossed for both of us. Sorry to hear your problem. It's so frustrating. You build yourself up and overcome your fear to have the procedure then this happens.

  • Yes, happened to me, I was a lot worse after first but I think partly my own doing as I did too much too soon. Had a second ablation about 4 months after the first which worked perfectly and no AF since. Unfortunately this can happen but don't give up, I remember being very disappointed at the time and rather hesitant at having a second attempt but very glad I did now!

    Best wishes CD

  • Nice to hear this CDreamer. It's the kind of information that helps us soldier on!

  • Hi Katy. I'm really sorry to hear of your experience. I truly hope you get yourself sorted bless you. I'm 42 and have PAF controlled by Flecainide at the moment. 2 x 50mg per day. One year and counting. I'm considering ablation myself at some point. My opinion is that overall, on balance, this forum is pro-ablation and anti-poisonous drugs. My comments aren't directed at you by the way but isn't this post and all its comments just confirming that ablation are very much hit and miss, not guaranteed to make your life any better, perhaps a complete waste of time? and effort, and in some cases quite disabilitating? All I can see is months of taking nasty drugs beforehand. A nasty procedure. Nasty drugs after. A complete change of lifestyle while you recuperate and then BANG back to the drawing board. My question is therefore should this forum really be so biased towards ablation? Or should it be a little more realistic and balanced? Comments welcome...I might make this question a separate post also in the interest of fairness.

  • The cryoablation seems to have worked for me - no AF in over a year.

    I expect a lot of people who have been successfully ablated will be less inclined to visit this forum.

    This will result in an unbalanced view of the success or otherwise of the procedure for those still reading the posts.

  • Thanks everyone for your replies! Wow so much has happened! I'm currently in hospital after receiving my second ablation! They got me in so quick as I was really starting to feel very unwell. I will keep you posted x

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