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Hi all

Its a year today since my ablation and i just wanted to let you all know that although it seems unlikely at times, there is life after AF.....

Just a short medical recap. I went straight into persistent AF in September 2014. I had a CV in October 2014 which lasted 9 months, then straight back into persistent AF. I had an ablation on 29th March 2016 since then all ok.

It isn't all a bunch of roses to be sure. I had some complications after my procedure including a small pulmonary embolism but I am now drug free.

I haven't been on the forum for a little while as one of the massive downsides of my AF (apart from the condition itself and intolerance to pretty much all the meds.) was huge anxiety and a little dose of depression thrown in. I've been working quite hard to combat this with therapy and mindfulness and whilst I'm not exactly in denial about my condition I find that trying not to think about it too much helps enormously. Looking at the forum had become a bit of a compulsion - I'm sure some of you know exactly what I'm talking about - which ultimately wasn't very healthy for me. For others I'm sure its the best thing....

I also tell myself daily how lucky I am. Since my ablation I have had no symptoms of AF whatsoever (which I think is fairly unusual). Life hasn't been exactly stress free either. My dad died 6 weeks before my procedure and a month later my my my was diagnosed with cancer and sadly she died at the beginning of March this year. My parents lived with us so its been pretty grim. Along with all the other stresses and strains of life - getting back to work, 2 children etc etc its all been quite hard work and at times I've convinced myself that the AF is going to come back - if stress was my trigger (I don't know what caused it by the way) I think it definitely would have!

I don't feel that I'm out of the woods stress wise at all. I still carry my bisoprolol and anti-coagulant around with me (!) and I haven't plucked up the courage to travel abroad yet. Do I think about my AF everyday? Probably, although sometimes only fleetingly. Do I have any regrets about the ablation? Absolutely not and if my AF were to come back I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. AF and the drugs to combat it made my life a total misery, as I'm sure many of you understand. Is my life wonderful now? No, but I'm prone to anxiety and sadness anyway - a different person would have coped better with everything. The thing is that I'm getting there and my life IS damn site better than it was a year ago today.

So my advice - do what is right for you but don't be put off having an ablation - it is a godsend to may AF sufferers and I think it may have saved my life (if that's not too poetic)!


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  • Lovely, post and so pleased life is becoming easier for you. I admire your honesty and would agree that the website can become compulsive viewing. Also agree that it is a godsend for information and support.

    Hope you continue in good health and recovery.

  • So good to hear from you. A lot of positives to share which is encouraging. It's wonderful to feel one is lucky to be where one is. So sorry that you have had bereavement to deal with and have lost both parents in a fairly short space of time. I think that for many of us life divides into two portions - those with the presence of one's parents and the time when we stand without them, possibly with partner or children. The longer our parents are with us the more permanent they can seem and the bigger the step between having them and being without them. You have a time of adjustment ahead but, on the AF front, what a long way you have already come. I hope that you will continue to make steps forward and before too long find the confidence to travel again.

  • Perrylees what a brave and inspirational post. Thank you so much.

    Very best wishes for a happy and arrhythmia-free future.

  • Lovely to hear from you Ruth, thanks for reporting in and letting us know that your ablation was a success.

    Sorry to hear about the deaths in your family, it sounds as though you had a rough year. It's a new year now after your ablation last March, so I really hope it will be a good one.

    Best wishes


  • Great message.....thanks and best wishes, John

  • Ruth, sorry to read about your family - it must be a really hard time. I'm currently in persistent AF and am considering an ablation, and although my quality of life is good I struggle with anxiety. I also think stress was a contributing factor in my AF.

    Best wishes,


  • Beautiful post and well done for being so positive. You have been through the mill well and truly experiencing most of life's traumas in a short amount of time. So pleased you are af free and as you say without the ablation you may well have had af to contend with alongside your family sadness.

    Be proud of yourself and be kind to yourself. Take care, big hugs and very best wishes for a calm and happier future.

  • Thank you for the post I am awaiting ablation and was nervous thinking about it great to read success stories but so sorry to hear of your loss

  • Ruth, We "adapt, improvise and overcome" to continue on with life. Like you - I soon after the ablation developed a PE from the ablation procedure. Unlike you mine was pretty serious and I live alone, not counting the cats. Gf is on other side of the state. I am sure mine is brought on by stress also. I take my happiness in the simple things, like being able to take a walk outside and not be in AF. I try not to get on the worry wheel for those things that have not happened yet, if they ever do. The what if's always win.. Best wishes and continued success with being free of symptoms as I am.

  • I just wanted to say thank you to those who replied for your lovely messages. What a warm and supportive group you are!

    I wish you all well with whatever the future holds and I'll undoubtedly be checking in on the forum from time to time to find out how things are going for you all....

    Ruth x

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