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life after AF

I have just got back from a two weeks stint as a volunteer kakapo feeder on codfish Island which is way down the bottom end of New Zealand. Seven to nine hours a day in the Bush carrying packs sometimes over 15 kg. Every day , rain or shine and it was mostly rain and wind but I was working with fantastic people in one of the most beautiful places in the world and the birdlife was simply stunning.

Thanks to ablation I now have my life back, I was a bit worried that at 58 and having had a small heart attack as well as the ablation I might have struggled a bit but the whole experience was fantastic.

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How wonderful kakapo......that's what you call really living ! Hope you continue to live your life as you wish regardless .



Brilliant, you must be sooooooo pleased :-)


Well done. Success stories are always welcome in the place of panic and misery.


Gosh, that sounds wonderful. What a great experience and so inspirational for us all.



Well done! That's what we're talking about...LIVING! Go you !


Well done!You would never regret doing this even if you had dropped in your tracks. Wonderful people stunning countryside. I did NZ grand tour on bike at 52 following early retirement. I am now 76 with AF post by pass and valve replacement. You can imagine how pleased I am to have done it. Life does not beat a path to your door!! Grab it.



Well done, it sounds like a fantastic experience.


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