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Early Christmas present a cardioversion


My pesky heart went into AF first thing yesterday morning. But was unable to sort it out with PIP. As many will understand I was very depressed yesterday because of it.

I wanted to put a post on our Forum but I was reluctant to put a downer on the many positive posts that were being written recently.

This morning I continued to have bad symptoms and as it is Christmas Eve I was concerned about going to A&E.

However I did and I can tell you I had the most friendly, efficient and professional care and within a few hours I was cardioverted and discharged in NSR.

I was assured that I was managing my AF well in the circumstances but that I should have absolutely no hesitation in going to my hospital if I feel unwell and cannot get my heart into NSR next time.

This was very reassuring and the care and reassurance have definitely provided me with an early Christmas present.

Best wishes to all my fellow AF sufferers.


As usual I took extra Flecainide on top of my normal dose.

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Sounds like you have a fantastic local hospital Pete. Good for you! Enjoy your NSR Christmas.

in reply to BobD

Yes it is I am very lucky.

Happy Christmas Bob

This is a great Christmas present in two ways - good to be back in NSR and brilliant to feel you'll get a similar reception should you need to go again. All the best for the whole of the festive season and into 2017.

Pleased to hear your local A&E sorted you out so promptly and efficiently, I expect you felt very relieved afterwards that you went, even if today was Christmas Eve. Hurray for the NHS, who continue to (mostly) deliver the kind of care and professionalism that we all know is possible, in spite of all the doom-mongering we hear about in the press.

I wish you a very stress and AF-free Christmas Pete, and hope that this latest episode is a one-off.

Best wishes and all the best for 2017.

It's so reassuring to know that there is a safety net if it is needed and I too pay tribute to my local A&E and Ambulance service based in Altnagelvin hospital.

You have a well deserved Christmas present - long may it be with you. Best wishes for Christmas and 2017.

Best of luck Pete....

Glad your back in rhythm, enjoy the festivities but don't overdo it. Best wishes


Pleased you are bavk in nsr and your a and e people were so caring, have a lovely heart calm Christmas. Best wishes.

Thanks everyone for your kind wishes.


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