Feeling washed out and just out of hospital , after second cardio version within a week of last !

Had my first cardio version on the 5 th of dec, rested after and was ok until Monday morning when I was woke up with heart doing what felt like a triple marathon, went to docs and was sent straight to a/e to be monitored heart rate 160 to 180 , gave me flecinide (excuse spelling) through drip, did not respond to that and they decided to do another cardio version ' was successful and have been monitored home yesterday , put on new tab twice a day (dronedarone) 400 mg to help keep in nsr but have been told will probably be referred to Bristol for ablation as they are not optimistic I will stay in nsr as I flipped back into af so quickly after first cardio version . Has anyone else had this happen, am only 47 ( and say this because apparently have been told am quite young of years to have af ) and have a daughter of ten, feeling concerned about it all x

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  • I have had it since my mid 40 s and its taken this long to be offered some rate control so on the plus side at least you are being dealt with at an earlier stage. However it is very scarey at any age.It is apparently not life threatening although it often feels that way.Good luck with everything x

  • Don't give up hoping that this latest cardioversion will work. My first one lasted two days. My second was just over three weeks ago and my heart is still fine. Fingers crossed for us both. I'm doing my best to avoid any stress and have cut back on the amount I eat. I'll try anything to be long term 'normal' heartwise again.

  • You are in the right care pathway for sure. As a matter of interest one of our members wrote a book for children called "My Mum's got Heart Hicups by Kirsten MIllinson( Elder.) I think Amazon might have it . Could be useful for your daughter. AF is a long journey but you have great travelling companions on here.


  • Just looked on UK Amazon Bob, it's out of stock - what a shame!

  • I';ll have a word with Kirsten and see if she has any.


  • Thank you!

  • Bob

    Are you aware of the latest `success` rates of conversion to NSR, following ablations?

    Or are they listed on any available website?

  • As far as I know thee are no league tables as such. You need to ask each EP about results but the general party line is about 80% success after multiple procedures. Most EPs will under ablate the first time as you don't want to go in there with a blow torch as it were.. The other thing is that the science is so new that there is little LONG term data (ie post five years) available but there seems to be 50% chance of AF return in that period. I'm over five years and whilst no AF I do have other arrhythmias recently started.

    Remember here that we are talking about RF or Cryo ABLATION not cardioversion which may be a temporary fix which shows that the heart can be put into NSR. For some patients early in their AF journey this may be quite long lasting but is less effective with long term persistent AF. Quite often post ablation a cardioversion may be needed to return to NSR and do remember that cardioversion is used for other arrhythmias than just AF.

    Hope that helps


  • Thank you for your responses and will look up that book bob thank you x every one so kind , friends family but nice to have support from people who are actually going through what you are , thank you all again x chin up and best foot forward ! X

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