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Post Ablation for SVT

Hi. I'm wondering if it's normal to feel weak after cardiac ablation? Also is it normal to develop depression, anxiety and or sleep disturbances? I was told I'd be better in a week. I had my procedure on November 16, 2016 and I still feel like my get up and go got up and left. I have so much to do and no energy. It's quite frustrating.

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It does take time to recover. Just because you don't have a big zip up your front doesn't make it any less of a trauma for your old heart. Give it time an don't push yourself too hard.

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Yes, yes and yes. Typically it takes 3 to 6 months for the healing process to normalise/ stabilise. I was told do nothing for the first week except to remote, iPad (not a PC) and Phone and very little Moreland in the second week except a few short gentle walks.


Take ❤️, It took me the best part of 6 months to feel fully recovered from my ablation . Be patient, take it slowly (advise I took from Bob and this site) and really step back a bit and ask for support from friends and family. As Bob quite rightly said, just because there are no scars, don't think your heart has not had a real "work over" ! I had to remind a lot of people what I had had done and how I felt. It was hard at first to do, but I really wanted my ablation to work and decided I was not prepared to take any risks of it "kicking off!"

My quality of life has improved by 100% so get back on that sofa, as they say, reach for the remote, and enjoy having time to read a really good book!

Good luck and I hope you stay well and remember, ask for some help as it is indeed a very busy time of year but your ❤️ Is the most important thing right now...

With best wishes



Not sure about typical cases, but the 2nd day after my ablation (after a GOOD night's sleep being home), I felt perfectly normal from then on.


I had mine November 15. I did notice feeling a bit sad or easily overwhelmed at times, especially when I wasn't resting as recommended. I was thinking it may have been effects of the anesthesia but it may just be the body reacting to the surgery. I'm sure it will settle down for you as the healing continues.


It took me fully 3 months before I can say I felt almost completely myself again. Give it time.


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