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Post second ablation

Hi all reluctantly I had a second ablation 6 months ago and since then had a couple of short lived episodes of AF which I put down to settlement.

2 nights ago BANG another major episode which is still here.

Is there really ever a true end to this terrible condition.

I read how people just ignore it and get on but it zaps my energy totally and I even find it difficult getting up one flight of stairs.

When it flips back I instantly return to normal it's so dibilitating.

I am so disappointed the second ablation has not helped.

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Hi Lainie,

I can totally sympathise with you, I remember going through my second but under GA,

came round felt positive the while recovering on ward went into a full blown two hour

AF episode, I was gutted and just cried with frustration as I knew this wasn't the result I had wished for.

Having said that went on to have a third to no avail then opted for a pacemaker with AV node ablation.

It doesn't cure AF but I am not usually aware of it, and feel much better certainly less tired which is a massive bonus.

Good Luck


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hi Wendy,

After the AV node ablation, do you have to take any medication like blood thinners, and can you please further explain regarding what is your current heart beat and quality of life after AV ablation, it sounds like a more certain short cut solution than a serious of ineffective ablations, thanks.



I currently take Rivoroxiban to thin my blood, Candestartan to help the blood flow better. My heart rate can be anything between 68 and 85 which is much better than 180 which it appeared to run at beforehand quite often.

My quality of life has improved immensely, although I still have AF I do not have the horrible side effects it can bring, I never ever had any energy, I was always breathless and had to give up work.

I am now back at work and can give my two children time back with their mum that they were missing because I was so shattered all of the time.

I know that this is not the same for everyone but in my case it has been the best decision I have ever made,

as now the only time I see inside a hospital is either going to work or having my pacemaker check!

Hope that helps.



Wendi, thank you for your helpful feedback, best wishes.


When did you have a pace maker Wendy , do you think that has made a big difference.

I only take warfarin as the AF caused a Heart Attack and I have bisoprolol as emergency but I am very sensitive to anything that drops my b p


Hi Lainie,

I had pacemaker fitted in December 2014 and then AV node ablation the following march 2015,and I feel great,

It does not cure AF but helps the awful symptoms, no more fainting etc and no need for any arrhythmia meds so no side effects from them which in itself is a bonus.

Was the right choice for me but not for everyone I think.



Hi Lainie, I'm in the same boat as you. My second was unsuccessful and awaiting a cardiology appointment this month to see what the next step is after collapsing at work along with 6 tablets a day that don't seem to make a difference.

Let me know how you progress with this as I'm interested to see what your next action would be/reccomended.

Wish you all the best and hope you can get seen soon for some advise.


My second lasted about 9 months and then a third is at nearly seven years now and counting. I still get some arrhythmias but not AF. Don't give up.



Hiya. Was in the same boat two years ago, when I went forward for number 3 and so far, 15 months later, no problem. The 3 ablations were over a 4 year journey, but well worth it for me.

Don't despair and try and see each as a stepping stone.

Be well



You say "I am so disappointed the second ablation has not helped". Hey, it almost certainly has helped, helped a lot. But clearly not quite enough to signal "a true end to this terrible condition."

Ablation therapy is not about one procedure. It's about as many as are needed. For some, yes, no amount of ablations will cure their particular condition but please don't give up after two.

The next one will do the trick - you'll see.


How many times is it safe to have the inside of you're heart burned!!! Some specialists seem to go on forever doing ablation so but others are dead set against repeating the proceedure more than a couple of times.

It took a lot of courage for me to go through all this again after such a terrifying experience the first time so not a chance of 3 times!!!


Depends on the patient, how much has been done, where exactly it has been done, what the intensity (aka watts used) of the burn is (from reading this appears to be quite varied) and no doubt a host of other factors AS WELL AS the EP's personal opinions (whether bias or gut feelings or their own study / analyses).


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