Shortness of Breath after a Cryoablation for AFIB

Hi Everyone.. I did my Cryoablation 14 days ago exactly.. during the procedure I felt my chest and brain are freezing so I asked them to make me sleep ! After the procedure wasn't feeling very well and I had bleeding as I walked to the toilet 8 hours later ! Stayed for a couple of days then back home but what I'm worried about is that I have shortness of breath ! There's a discomfort while breathing ! And always feeling dizzy and tired ! And most of the time I have a headache ! I need your advice please ! Is this normal or maybe I'm anxious ! Dunno !

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  • Hi Karim, my Cryoablation was 5 months ago and I too experienced the freezing sensations you refer you, I made it known and they increased the sedation and applied some fan heaters and wrapping....a bit surprising, but I gather, not uncommon because the temperatures used are quite extreme. Generally I felt OK after the procedure and stayed in only one night, although there were some headaches but I also understand that is fairly common too. At the moment, I'm still on the same medication I was on before the procedure and I get occasional mild breathless sensations, but I wonder if that could be more because of the medication rather than the procedure. Two weeks is still very soon, and the heart has had a bit of a pounding, so your problems will hopefully be shortlived, but for peace of mind, it might be better if you contact the Arrythmia Nurse or support team where you had the procedure and see what they have to say. If it's any help, I feel fine know, although I am sensitive to any changes which I am sure is not unusual.......hope this helps, John

  • Thanks a lot Jack :) Very helpful.. I'm just worried hopefully everything will be perfect by time :)

  • Sorry John I mean :)

  • Karim, my cryoablation was also 2 weeks ago, but I had general anesthesia. I only stayed one night, but my heartrate has been higher while resting which is a little unsettling, but overall I feel better. I do still get short of breath with much exertion, but not as bad as it was. I've tried to accept that it's going to take 3 months to work everything out. Did you change or add any medications? That can lead to feeling different, too. It never hurts to call the nurse just to be reassured. Best of luck!

  • Raised heart rate post ablation is normal Semilina. Typically if yours was 70 before then it may be as high as 90 but there is no hard and fast rule. It can take six months to fully settle back to pre AF rates. Just be glad it is regular. .

  • Semilina, beore my ablation my heart rate was around 60, after it went up into the 70's but just checked it and it's 64

  • I was short of breath but it only lasted for a few days. Also had a bleed and had to lay horizontally for a further 6 hours. Worst was the sore throat that lasted for 6 weeks. All, very much worth it as I am still in NSR 18 months later.

    Have a word with the Arrhythmia Nurse, but I am sure that you will feel much better in a couple of days, providing that you rest sufficiently.


  • Thank You Peter :) but I always have headaches always ! Is this normal ?

  • I had mine almost 3months ago I had ga glad I did couldn't have kept still for 5hours only complication had to lie flat for 24 hrs things have been good a. Couple bouts AF that resolved then last week had Tia so have to see vascular surgeon

  • What is TIA ?

  • Same as a slight stroke had a carotid Doppler left 50 right 60 percent blocked one vertebral vein totaly blocked

  • How did u know u have a slight stroke ? Can u tell me please what did u feel exactly ?

  • I was dusting and felt strange light headed dizzy and lost feeling down left side if I hadn't been near the wall I would have fallen horrible feeling

  • And when did u discover this after your Ablation ? I mean how many days after ur ablation ? And u did that scan with dye ?

  • Oh and also been having opthalmic auras and blurred vision that doc at first thought it was caused by ablation but now thinks it is the blocked vertebra artery

  • Almost 3months had the scan a few days later

  • Had angiogram before ablation to my heart no plaque or anything in those arteries but they didn't do my carotids

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