Cardiff nosh and natter. Directions

Hi. It sounds much more complicated than it actually is!

You need to go to Queen Street station then turn right onto station terrace then take second left into queen street then third left into park place. There is a side road first left and Henrys is just in to that road (crockherbtown lane ). The whole walk should take 5 mins.

If your train only stops at cardiff central get off and go to platform 6 where trains to queen street go every 4 mins and it is the first stop.

Good luck and see you soon x

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  • So sorry but won't be able to make it on Monday. Let me know when thecnext get together is and i'll hopefully see you all then. Such a disappointment but something unexpected had come up. Have a n7ce lunch and Merry Xmas.xx

  • See you there!


  • Hi , I'm looking forward to tomorrow. My train arrives at 11,20 I will find my hotel leave my luggage there and then have look around before looking for Henry's

    See you tomorrow

  • Looking forward to meeting x

  • Hope you all had a nice lunch. Was thinking about you all. Next time i hope.

  • We had a lovely lunch and nattered for Britain! We all said we must organise another soon so look forward to seeing you then. X

  • Sorry I didn't pop in but I'm in London today for my check up, hope you all enjoyed

  • Thanks Jugsy. We had a good time. We will meet you next time. How did your follow up go. X

  • On my way now....

  • Thank you dedeottie for organising the lunch yesterday, great venue and lovely company, we probably could have gone on talking for another couple of hours or more. Good to meet you and Jo finally, and nice to see you again, Carol.

    All the best for a great Christmas and look forward to meeting up again soon, Kate x

  • It was a pleasure. It was good that we were able to sit for as long as we did....more nattering time. Lovely to meet you finally.x

  • Good get together, lovely to see you again Jane and to finally meet you Kate.

    Carol so nice to meet you too.

    Look forward to the next one.


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