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Bad News


Today I have found out that the electrocardiologist thinks am a low success rate for ablation. I have to have a full consolation in January. Not sure why.

I also found out that my ICD has been reporting that I have been flipping in and out of Afib whilst I have been sleeping. This might explain why I wake up feeling so tired.

As an interim (I hope) solution I am being put on Amiodarone - just for a laugh. Hopefully this should stop the AF flipping and allow me to get some sleep.

Is it worth getting a second opinion on the electrocardiologist???

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Hi Ogilvie, I would absolutely get a second opinion. Ablation is just one option to attempt to get rid of the AF, there are also other procedures if ablation really is not in your future, so don't give up on a quest to be AF free. I remember getting horrible sleep during the nights I had AF and yes, being tired the next day was definitely part of the package. Best to you as you search for an AF free life.

I too was told i was a poor cadidate but he went ahead with ablation but warned me it would take more than one. This is moot at present as a clot was found when they started the ablation and i am still waiting.

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