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I had my ablation 2 weeks ago. Immediately after the op I went into AF. They gave me bisoprolol and I went back into SR. Immediately on leaving the hospital the next day I went into AF and have been in AF ever since. I saw my cardiologist last Friday and he is arranging for a cardioversion to take place 6 weeks after the op if I remain in AF. He tells me the first 6 weeks are the blanking period and is not an indication that the op has failed. Is this the norm for some people?

The op itself went very well indeed and I have not had any chest pain or headaches. I did have a heavy bleed from the femoral artery when I was allowed out of bed so I have had some heavy bruising when the nurse had to stop the bleed but that is clearing up nicely. My pulse rate is much higher than normal but I am in AF.

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Sounds like you had the same femoral bleed as I did post first ablation. I didn't have any other major complications (apart from it failing 3 months later) but the repeat ablation I had headaches and blurred vision and an eptopic beat for a few months after.

I was told after both that you can't really say it's failed in the first 3 months as it is a hell of a lot for your heart to go through.


I'm not medically trained, but all the advice I have had suggests the blanking off period is between 3 to 6 months after the procedure, so try not to get too worried yet. It might be worth contacting the support team who carried out the procedure (assuming it's not the cardiologist you refer too?).

The man with the hat and specs is right, and I expect others will mention 3/6 months too.....good luck, John


The cardiologist was the person who did my operation


thanks Pirnough, are you sure he said 6 weeks and not 6 months, I'm not being "rude" but thats what is generally recognised as the norm....many have their first review with their EP at 3 months, although some (me included) have theirs at 6 months. For you, at the moment, the important thing is that you are just 2 weeks away from your ablation, so well within any period. Also, my pulse rate in NSR prior to the ablation was around 62 and after it increased to over 70, but has now reduced slightly. I understand this is not unusual so if you, as we hope, go back into normal rhythm, do not be surprised if it is quicker. Best of luck, John

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Three to six months is the time it takes . Just because you do not have a giant zip up your front does not mean that your heart hasn't had a good kicking and it will protest. By the way it is the femoral vein not artery that they use. Arteries lead away from the heart and veins back to it you see. It can still bleed a lot I know having floated out of bed after my first ablation and needing a femstop device. Messy or what!

Take it easy.



I think that the fast pulse is quite normal. It certainly happened to me, but calmed down eventually. I was taken off Flecainide immediately but left on Bisoprolol for three months for, I suspect, just that reason.



Hi Pirnough6

Just a message to tell you that you do realise that after an ablation you do have to wait 3-6 months, because you experience a bit of heart flutter or think your back in AF but it does settle down! So this is not an indication that you have gone back into AF. Yet if you are in AF then it is well that you have been put on the Cardioversion listing. The specialist also told me at consultation, that he can only do this 3 times, if unsuccessful? So one down two to go! Sorry to hear about your bleed! I am down possibly for a further ablation as the first one did not work. I am fatigued again and out of breath and my muscles ache plus other things. I never had pain in my chest before but I have had pain in my chest on and off in the past 3 months after having the ablation, the left hand side of the heart is doing all the work for the right. I am also allergic to so many things and my life is not as simple as you imagine and neither am I, I have been diagnosed with so many different things within 2 years and also have had a different operation, I just want some peace now. I just hope they get things sorted with the AF for me. Don't worry it will come right in the end! Just think yourself lucky you only have this to contend with. There are a lot of people out there worse off than us and I thank God that at present I am OK, even with the problems I have now! Remember when its your time its your time and there is nothing anyone can do about that, so enjoy your life as much as possible as I am doing even though this is restrictive.


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