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Second ablation, different consultant

I haven't posted for a while. Had a PV ablation in January at Southampton university hospital. I would say that it took nearly 6 months before I felt really back to normal. My AF is much improved but when I went back for post op appointment the consultant, Dr Paisey said he felt they could do better. He didn't do the first ablation. So I am now waiting for a second op. I am keen to get on with it as we have family stuff coming up in the near future. Admissions told me that his list is absolutely full for ages but they could offer me a date in October if I switched to a Dr Ullah. He is new to Southampton. I have no particular loyalty to Dr Paisy as he didn't do the first ablation but was wondering whether anyone has any knowledge/experience of Dr Ullah as I can find nothing about him online. Apparently he came from Barts Heart Centre.

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If he was part of Richard Schilling's team he can't be bad.


Hi I don't know anything about Dr Ullah but I had a cryoablation with Dr Paisley in October 2015 when he was at Bournemouth. I can totally recommend him and I have been AF free ever since



I have just had my 5th ablation done by him and so far all is well.

I could not speak more highly of him. Very good communicator.

I'm happy.



Good communication..... doctor and patient..... is worth a bag of gold.

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Thank you to everyone who replied to my post. Have decided to go with Dr Ullah and all your messages were very helpful in making that decision. Just hope the doctors' strikes don't mess up my appointment!


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