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Apixaban and skin biopsy


Hi I am having surgery to remove a rodent ulcer on my back and am on 5mg Apixaban Twice a day . I have to withhold the Apixaban for 24 hrs before the procedure and am worried that this will be long enough to reduce the risk of excess bleeding. Also am more sure when I should restart my usual dose. Has anyone had any experience of this . Thank you

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It is standard to stop Noacs for 24 hours pre minor surgery and you can restart a few hours after

AsI discovered recently , the NICE guidelines for a moderate bleed risk are to with hold apixaban for 24 hours.x

Just had similar in the uk and asked to stop for two days. then the affected spot needed a larger area cleared , had it done here in Spain and the private hospital said no need to stop the medication,, so take your pick.

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