Post Ablation

I'm 20 hours post ablation and doing very well. A little soreness in chest, but the worst is in my throat where they put various gadgets to access heart area. No discomfort in groin area where they went up. Heart seems to be behaving very well with only NOAC. I tend to stay away from doctors and hospitals, but this was truly a low anxiety experience for me.

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  • That sounds great. Do yourself a favor and don't push your recovery too quickly. Give your heart the chance to recover gently so that all the work of the ablation is not undone.

  • Let me enforce that one. Do nothing for the first week and not a lot more for the second. Gentle recovery is best. Enjoy.

  • It's good to hear all went well with procedure, echoing other posts you need to enjoy the recovery period and take it slow, real slow.

  • listen to the advice given by everyone on this site, they know what they are talking about through personal experiences. If id have taken the advice from the hospital I would have been back at work 5 days post ablation. This for me was way too soon. I am now 8 days after ablation and don't feel ready to go back to work yet. My advice is listen to your own body and be guided by how 'you' feel.

    Good luck with your recovery

  • This is reassuring to hear for me as I have my first ablation on November 29th. I've been listening to a lot of advice to take it slow and I will. My EP also says about 5 days until back to work and only 3 days to drive. Somehow that doesn't seem right.

  • This wasn't good advice for me. I am still getting uncomfortable chest pains and feeling 'not right'. Driving was something I definitely did not want to do after 2 days. So 10 days on and I'm still taking things easy. Listen to your body. And take plenty of rest. No point racing back to work etc and undoing all the good work. Take your time

  • I hope you get a little stronger each day and I do plan on taking it easy until the holidays are over. I just hope the ablation goes smoothly. Good luck!

  • Today is 3 days post for me. I would say the timetable you were given is a bit optimistic. Tell the doctor you would like 10 days until going back to work and then you can use your own judgement. I feel pretty well considering what the procedure involved and my heart is behaving. But today I'm graduating from the bed to the recliner. Maybe tomorrow or the next day I may have someone drive me for a treat and short change of scenery, but definitely not work yet. Best wishes and prayers for your procedure!

  • Thank you and I hope you improve a little each day. I'm just worried about something going wrong, it seems to happen to me when hospitals are involved. I like to hear that is was low stress for you, if I can just calmly get there for the procedure, I'll be okay. I will take it slow over the holidays and hopefully feel a lot better next year. I hope you do too!

  • 5 Days post ablation and feel great! My heart rate is regular, but a little higher than pre ablation (about 82). My blood sugar level is also running a bit higher than normal (140's). I'm hoping both of these go down a bit after the inflammation within my body subsides. I'm eating very healthy since I am not being active right now to help. The occasional flutters from the first 2-3 days are almost non-existent. It's amazing what these doctors can do!

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