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Post ablation annoyances

15 days post ablation. I’d say I am 95% recovered with a few minor annoyances. My first complaint is that when I lie or sit down too quickly, I feel an awkward / tight pressure in my heart. I’m guessing that this is due to an increase in blood pressure on the scar tissue in my left atria. Is this feeling normal, and can I expect it to go away soon? My other complaint is that my upper leg / groin area feels quite stiff and has a noticeable bump where the incision was made (my GP called this a haematoma). It’s not debilitating in anyway, but it’s annoying. Again, is this likely to clear up at some point?

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Yes to both from my experience . I had a truly amazing technicolour abstract painting from waist to knee after mine and that hard lump which is more likely scar tissue forming took quite a time to soften and fade away. If you have such a bruise then use it as a guide to how well your heart is healing. Once it has gone completely then maybe you can start doing more.


Are you back at work now?

I'm back tomorrow.


Yeah I went back on Monday, so I had 2 weeks off. I could have gone back after 10 days but I thought I’d milk it a bit!

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Did you get signed off for 2 weeks? They wouldn't sign me off for that long. Feels a bit soon to go back after 7 days, but on the other hand I don't feel too bad.


I just went to my GP after a week and she signed me off for another. The trick with GP’s is to go in there and tell them what you want and why you want it, and they usually agree!


Oh that's interesting. I've tried to be a bit more active today, ahead of going into work tomorrow, and felt completely knackered by tea time. Maybe i should try for some more rest.


Take as much rest as you can! I finished off with ten weeks - mostly due to phrenic nerve irritation, causing difficulties in deep breathing and consequent tiredness. One longish (8 hrs) AF and a few ectopics later and I feel much better. Off ACE inhibitors and reduced calcium channel blockers so feeling very happy now


Ha, I think 10 weeks might be pushing it for me, but sounds like you needed it.

I didn't go into work today, then spent the day worrying about the afternoon telephone appointment with my GP. I planned out what I was going to say and had possible comebacks to what she might say. After my first sentence she interrupted and said "How long do you want me to sign you off for?"

I'm now annoyed I only said til the end of the week, but to be fair she said "let me know if you need longer".


Yeah, 1 week is far too quick to return to work. 2 weeks is OK, but I could have done with a third! My biggest issue at present is migraines. I've had another couple this week. Reading other threads, it seems to be a very common side affect. Very annoying too! I really hope that I "get away" with just one ablation as I really don't want to go through the whole thing again. As per guidance, it is a hard thing on the body. Whilst I am feeling 95%, I'm also wondering when the hell I am going to be back at 100%. Seems like this might drag on for a long time..... still, gotta be grateful that the heart is beating properly again.


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