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feeling great


last visit to Cardio Doctor yesterday after all my ups and downs since the Ablation in June . he did an eco and all was normal no enlarged chambers that was great news for me . no meds to take and no AF since the procedure and hopefully none again . Just thought i would let you all know how i went and am so glad that i had all you folks to guide me thank you all

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That's briiliant, great news.

Fantastic! Wooooo..... long may it continue!

Great news hope mine improves

Good to hear, thanks for letting us know.

Brilliant news, hope for us all

Brilliant news, hope all keeps well with you.

so so pleased for you, keep in touch on here!!


Great news Bambi. Long may is continue.

Thats great news Bambi! its nice to hear positive outcomes. I'm like you ablation in June but still on meds for now, its true about the first few months being tough but things just get easier and easier day by day! good luck and may you stay afib free for a very long time!

Fanbloomintastic......I gotta wait t'il the end of Jan for my review.....if I get news like that, I'll be a happy bunny too.....best of luck, John

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