Great day... finally

It's been almost 2 months since my ablation (both atriums). It was a roller-coaster ride and sometimes very depressing. Body weakness was sometimes so bad that I couldn't walk to my kitchen or bathroom without stopping having shortness of breath. The pulse would race from 60's to above 100 immediately. My EP and his nurse insisted that I keep walking every day and exercise which was really scary thought. I even thought that they don't know what they are talking about. My thinking was that I would do more harm to my heart if I did so but I followed advice.

And then yesterday, all of a sudden, I walked unbelievable distance of almost 500m and then back home with only three a few seconds stops to check my pulse (on Fitbit). Today, I was able to increase that distance substantially without getting tired - breathing normally.

I am not sure about the coming days but today I am happy like a little child.

The fact is that I was prepared and learned more from you guys then from my EP.

Yes, majority is lucky without any problems after ablation but some of us go through physical and emotional hell.

So, to all of you experiencing difficulties I say to be patient for a few months. They seem to be like eternity but the light will show at the end of the tunnel.

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  • Well done! There's nothing quite like post-ablation euphoria - though there's always that little niggling thought in your head...will it return? But surely, whatever you've had to put up with for the last two months, I'm sure it's a price worth paying to be AF free. Onwards and upwards....

  • Well done and as somebody posted on facebook the other day. "Don't look back. You aren't going in that direction"

  • Well done indeed.!

    It's certainly possible to get back to a good level of fitness. I'm now 8 months post ablation and last week I ran a personal best time for 5k. Faster than I did even before I had AF.

    Onwards and upwards!

  • So good to hear how you are progressing. You must be overjoyed.

    Best wishes.


  • I'd love to meet this 'majority' who have no problems straight after an ablation. They insist on calling it a 'procedure' but let's me honest it's a truly invasive operation that lasts several hours and I suspect leaves anybody shattered. BUT it has a very high rate of success once recovery is over, which for me took about six weeks so to anybody dithering on whether to have an ablation, take it if it's offered to you. If you don't have it there's lots of people who will !

  • So glad it has all come right for you and your perseverance paid off!!

  • I wasn't prepared for how tired I'd feel or how quickly I'd tire during the day post ablation.

    I'm 3 weeks post ablation now and back at work. I'm wiped out by the end of the day. I have managed to go for a couple of mile long walks but my pace is so much slower than pre ablation.

    But, I know that this is my journey, and the stamina and speed and general fitness will return in time, and who knows what I will achieve in the future, I may become the fittest I've been

  • Well said Mike. What was your AF conditions before you have decided go for ablation? Is med. have not hold your ticker from skipping.Some people doing 'IV ' and/or shock.The ablation -success 40% , and with 2nd,3 Rd 'procedure ' people need to go through the hell again ??? What about the age factor? The question is -how to define the time for 'procedure'?thanks

  • Great.

  • I'm having my third ablation on May 26. Here's hoping that the third time is truly the charm! Glad you're feeling better. I'm one of the lucky ones that had very little post ablation problems the first two times. I was up and moving around immediately with just a little tiredness. I'm hoping for the same and better results with my third ablation!

  • Third should be a charm. I wish you the best.

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