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Hi everybody. Haven't posted for quite a while. So thought I would share a wee update with you all. AF is now well under control. No further attacks for quite some time. Feeling a lot better in my self and bags more energy. Anyway most significant change is that just watching what I am eating ( limiting processed food) and increased exercise I have nearly lost 5 stone since February. A lot of support from my wife has also really helped. I am sure with losing the weight, correct medication and exercise these are all keeping the AF in check.

Feeling very positive about myself and intend for this to continue.

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  • Very good news to hear ! Keep it going. Terjo

  • Well done

  • That is an amazing result. Huge amount of respect for you.x

  • Well done, 5st is a huge amount to lose, stay well.

  • Ohhh I'm so impressed - well done? I keep trying to lose a few stone myself. Glad that you are feeling well.

  • Thanks for your replies. Yes I have,surprised myself with the weight I have lost. With knocking on the head processed food and eating more veg and fruit the weight has decreased. The GP is really pleased. Key to it all is having breakfast which I never did before a s it kick starts my metabolism for the day. My wife is also eating a lot healthier and has us eating foods that are known to reduce fat. She has also lost a lot of weight .

    Just a few changes and we are now seeing big differences.

  • Interesting what you say about avoiding processed food. The other night they had the best diets in the world on the tele. Picked the top 20 or so countries for health and longevity. One country it was because of vegetables, the next hardly ate any vegetables, then it was fish, it left your head spinning. But the only thing they had in common was simply good natural food and nothing much processed, except home-made "processed stuff", pickled or whatever, but not from a factory.

    Iceland came out tops. I wonder what sort of AF rate they have over there?

    Glad you're feeling well.


  • I saw that programme as well, very interesting.

  • My wife asked her GP about processed food and apparently the concern is with the additives, sugar and salt that are added to make them more palatable and also prolong shelf life. Just eating staple food has really done us the world of good. Yes it would be interesting to compare AF rates in other countries

  • Our doctor said the same thing to my hubby, stay off the processed foods... I've just ordered a copy of the CHIP diet book - no chance of a course near us naturally, but at least we can try and eat healthily! I bet my hubby will whimper a bit, but we really need to follow in your footsteps. It's very good to hear of someone doing so well - many congratulations!

  • It was difficult to start with and we were always asked are we dieting. But really it is not a diet just eating sensibly. A lot of whole grain foods and spice things up to raise metabolism. We don't feel deprived in any way and very very occasionally we will have something naughty. It is also great to do real cooking again where everything is from scratch. We also cook a lot more together.

  • I'm so jealous!

  • I believe a vegetable based diet with pulses and grains supplemented with eggs and cheese are critical to global fitness and helping our bodies keep the fat off and fight illnesses and what life so often throws at us! I think what you have done Giddy is an example to us all.

  • Wow that's great. I must try this after my ablation. Well done.

  • Sugar, and. Processed salt should be deemed swearing.

    Reed the labels closely

  • Excellent Giddy - well done, it makes a lot of sense really. When and what was the TV programme on? I will see if I can do a catchup.

  • Ooh, now you are asking it was called something like "the best (or healthiest?) diet in the world. Had ads in it so not BBC, probably Ch 4?

  • Very well done Giddy, what more can I say. May you stay well. I seem to be chasing the same half stone around these days.......


  • Well done, great stuff. I'm finding watching the food intake too has been almost the same benefit as the meds. Cannot now recall the last AF event. The food watching for me is an ongoing process but the results are worth it. Feel sorry for my partner who is a fabulous cook and has had to put up with all sorts of fussy requirements food wise and now has limited opportunity do demonstrate her brilliant culinary skills. Keep up the good work.

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