Feeling Bummed out!!

Started a bike ride today but couldn't finish. Went less than half a mile and my heart rate shot up to 180. Rate bounced around all over the place.Was not doing anything real strenuous just riding on some flat road. Fortunately I had my heart rate monitor on and was able to track this. Feel so disappointed,angry, and depressed. Thought that since I was on the tikosyn it would allow me to go back to doing the things I was doing before within reason. First Afib attack since I've been on the meds. The good thing is that my heart went back into regular rhythm. The bad thing is the not knowing when this will happen again. Puts my life back up in the air again. :-(

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  • Sorry to hear this. Oh so tedious. We think and hope all is going to be well and then we find it isn't. Not quite, anyway. But getting rhythm back spontaneously is always encouraging.

  • AF is life changing but seldom life threatening. We all need to learn to live with our own version and accept that things will seldom if ever be the same again. Once we accept that we learn to go forward again. Life is still good and enjoyable.

  • Thats AF I am afraid, comes and goes as it pleases without a thought for what you might be doing or might want to do. I have the same problem. I havent ridden my bike for 3 weeks as have been having regular and debilitating atrial flutter.

    Chin up chap

  • I have chronic afib 99% of the time. Recently my Cardiologist (in Calif) asked me to start Diltiazem after wearing a heart monitor and seeing my average heart rate was in the 90's and 140 when working with difficult clients in Real Estate. I noticed on another forum I am on, that people feel that the Diltiazem helped them to be able to exercise again. I can swim 50 laps pretty easy....

    Also my heart rate is pretty much in the 70's now most of the time. It is also good for lowering blood pressure but that is not my issue but seems ok that has just stayed stable

    Good luck we need to be able to exercise...don't give up you will figure it out...at least walk in the forest and get fresh air in the meantime

  • My view is that AF is your body telling you it really doesn't like something, even if you do. We may not like what is telling us but maybe important to listen.

    I sympathise as I had to stop doing the sport I loved, dinghy sailing, because of illness but have now found alternative, less strenuous ways to exercise.

  • I found the heart monitor too distracting when I was exercising. I focussed too much on it and got anxious as soon as it appeared to show blips (which might be just due to a dodgy connection once you start really working). So I threw it away. I was then much more relaxed exercising and just concentrated on what my body felt like rather than obsessing on every blip.

  • That must be disappointing for you - perhaps its time for another review with your EP.

    I agree with the comment of CDreamer although it can be hard sometimes to modify from doing what we love.

  • So sorry to hear that; we all know the feeling here. Hope you can stay in sinus for a decent period of time.

    All the best


  • Thanks for all the encouragement from everyone

  • Life is changed not ended was a saying of my Dad's. I think that this particularily applies to us AFibbers.

    He said that after he had been diagnosed with bowel cancer and given a year to live although lived six years in the end.

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