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Stress Echocardiogram

Just when I was sailing along nicely....then I suddenly experience clamping chest pains (right side) and for the first time in my life, was blue lighted off to A&E! It stopped as suddenly as it started and all tests carried out. Stayed overnight but no real diagnosis. Further checks required of my regurgitating mitral valve problem to be carried out. I am going to have a stress echocardiogram, where the heart rate is speeded up using Dobutamine, to simulate exercise and pictures taken of the heart at work. Thank goodness I haven't got to pedal a cycle!!

I'd be interested if anyone else has been through this. My main concern will be that it doesn't start my AF off again after 18 months in NSR!

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Hi Dadog - So you've been 18 months in NSR, you lucky person! Long may it continue!

Not so lucky, I'm sorry to hear, with the chest pain you recently experienced. I once had something similar, pain in chest which radiated to my back but mine lasted for several weeks (gradually fading) and I found it impossible to lie on a certain side in bed. I was 44, on a walking holiday in North Wales and I didn't worry too much about what it could be because I thought I was never going to have heart problems! When I think of the pain it caused I realise how foolish I was not to have sought medical attention. Years later I told my GP about it and asked what it could have been and he said possibly a small rupture in the lung. There's no way anyone could guess the cause of your episode, so many possibilities, but thank goodness you are well now.

Good to hear from you again, by the way.



Thanks Jean. Yes, it's all very baffling. The ambulance paramedics said I showed all the symptoms of a heart problem. A&E tests showed no sign of a heart attack and they did do X-rays and checks of the lungs, as that was an option. Cardiology finally decided that they should investigate further.

Never easy is it?!

Hope you are keeping well yourself.


I had the drug and the bike and had a false positive result as usual that led to another angiogram. I questioned the cardiologist later as to why I had the bike as well. He replied that they do what they like in there.


Well.....that was pretty helpful of him!


I know it's not the same test but when I had my exercise ECG at the start of my AF journey the techs kindly told me it might cause AF ( I was not warned before hand and had the family staying for the weekend) fortunately it didn't, just a very high B/P which quickly settled but results did show I had low tolerance to exercise !!!


Hi, I had something show up on treadmill and then had dolbutamine stress test. I was warned it could trigger AF. I am an infrequent AF er too. I was told if it did cause AF I was in the right place to get it sorted . I was so anxious I had ectopics in abundance but no AF . In fact had to have more stuff to get heart rate to level they wanted , very strange as I don't take any rate control drugs. Although it isn't the most pleasant of experiences I was looked after brilliantly and reassured by everything being calm and very competent staff. Hope all goes well for you. Best wishes . Kath


Thanks Bagrat and Kath. I think it will be OK. I've exercised up to a rate of 140bpm in a gym and walked out in one piece so hopefully....? The whole idea is to see what the valve looks like when it's working hard, which will be intersting. Kinda glad it's not a treadmill job as the most exercise I get these days is getting up to fill the kettle!. Fingers crossed and thanks for your good wishes.



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