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Hello everyone, i dont post a lot but i sure do read a lot. I am a 54 year old woman, and i had my ablation in June. I have had two episodes of afib/tachacardia since. One directly after the ablation and one due to alcohol. I have since learned that a couple light beer don't bother me, but strong drinks do.

I just had a echocardiagram to see how my heart is healing. The technologist seen a little puncture that is very tiny but shouldnt it be healed by now? I actually have to see my doc after he reviews the results.

Also I still get quite tired if I do too much. I use to have amazing energy, and so this gets me down as i have a busy life.

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Hi Cory-Lee It is difficult to know how to answer you as if you are worried you should be speaking to your doctor.

All I know is that my energy didn't return to expected levels after my second ablation and it turned out that I had another underlying condition which explained why my energy had not improved, actually it declined. I guess it also depends upon what your expectations are as I think our energies do decline to an extent due to ageing and recovery but you don't mention if you are still taking meds and in mg experience, if you are, that would be the most likely culprit as I found often the meds made me feel worse than the disease.

As to the tiny hole - do you mean the puncture through the septrum to perform the ablation? Does that heal? I have a hole there anyway, as do about 20% of people so I did not require the puncture. I am sure that if it was anything of concern your doctor would call you in but worth asking at your next meeting.

As far as I know the only thing it would perhaps prevent you from doing is scuba diving, although that is very debatable as I did for about 10 years before I knew I had one without any dire consequences.

Very best wishes CD.


Thanks for your reply CD. The only meds im on is eliquis. i dont take any heart meds, as my doc said..not required. I am joining a gym and hope that will help.


Just go easy at the gym and monitor your heart rate, slow and easy. My EP says 30 mins of brisk walking for 5 days a week is enough to have a beneficial effect on the heart. Good luck


Thank you CD


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