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Fingers still crossed

Following my recent unplanned trip to A and E to capture my PAF pattern on ECG, I shall be cautious about doing that again. Not that I did not get good service; I also don't want to take up their time when it's not an emergency as such, and as the cardiologist has arranged for me to have a Patient Activated Event Monitor for a month, there should soon be an adequate set of records to last some time. What will make me use the A and E option even more carefully is that my travel insurer has said if I have a second unplanned visit for AF within 12 months, they will not cover me for AF for my planned Canada/US/Caribbean trip. There was an anxious moment when they said that as I had already declared one visit when I took out the policy in May, this second visit took me over the limit. I pointed out that the one I had declared was in July 2015, so now over 12 months ago. They reconsidered and have allowed me to carry on with the policy, including AF, and with no increased premium. Just shows it is worth double checking before you give in too easily.

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This is very good advice for anyone in similar position to think twice about an AE visit. I've been in a situation where they just wanted a further premium after unplanned visit.



I was in that position at the end of August, knowing that I would probably be uninsured to travel on a forthcoming trip if I went to A&E. I didn't hesitate. I value my life more than a holiday.


I would certainly not want to imply that anyone should put themselves at risk by not going to A&E for the sake of a holiday. It was still a lesson to me to be careful not to accept the insurance company's rather brief assessment of the situation without double-checking the basis on which they would have refused me cover.


Oh yes, it's certainly worth keeping in mind if symptoms aren't too severe.


Insurance and medical records can be a problem. I tend to hold back anything from my doctor unless I'm pretty sure it's a problem, just so nothing goes on my record. Not good really.


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