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Well, I've just Recieved a phonecall out of the blue from dr Ernst, a very calm conversation explaining that whilst she is very happy to perform the ablation, I need to be sure in my mind it's what I want, she said I'm only at the start of my AF story and that it is still a completely invasive procedure, she wants me to think hard about it and let them know before the scans tomorrow,

I told dr Ernst that I was worried that if I didn't go ahead then I would miss out on being treated by her and the Brompton, I also said I'd heard she was one of the best, she laughed and said "yes I agree with that"

However she said as id had a latter from my gp referring me to her I'm her paitent now and they'll keep an eye on me and if ablation is necessary then maybe in a year or two when this trial becomes common procedure then I can have it then.

I won't lie, the thought of the procedure is making me anxious, really in two minds here what to do for the best.....

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Quick question, how many episodes of AF have you had? Not counting little funny feelings of any kind. Just thinking the trial is to see how effective the new procedure is but it won't show much if you don't have fairly regular episodes of PAF?

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3 in total, the first which came on after two strenuous days of exercise, lasted about 10 hours and reverted back in the house after being sent home from a&e where they gave 2.5 bisoprolol

2nd upon getting into bed after a 12 hour night shift, lasted about hour or so and went back without meds

3rd out of nowhere, in kitchen making cup of tea, felt strange so I felt pulse, it felt irregular so I gave 3 sharp coughs and hey presto back to normal, all of this has been over an 18 month period, I've noticed also that my ectopic don't feel as regular since my sleep apnea diagnosis, and use of cpap machine, I'm also currently exercising and dieting to lose weight, one stone 2lb so far.

I wonder if dr Ernst phonecall was her way of saying we can afford to wait a while?


I wondered that about the call but didn't want to be quite as direct so as not to give you ideas and put you off quickly.


Well that is how I would read it from your side but from her side I think it wouldn't tell her very much? Which is really why the trial is being done. I had a gap of several years between my first major AF episode and the next, though who knows i may have had small ones for years without realising, but it is the ones you notice that count I guess. If she used the words 'if ablation is necessary' that does suggest she doesn't think so at the moment.

Only you can tell whether the thought of another episode of AF is so scary you would rather have the ablation 🤔


Other than the initial episode where I didn't know what was going on, the other two haven't really lasted long enough to give me that feeling,


I was just typing a similar response to Buffafly's except that I was going to put down that wasn't this the case that you had the initial episodes last year but this year relatively free?

If you are now going to be on her books for the future that define adds a different dimension. You could always ask her when you ring back with whatever you now decide but before saying your decision as to what her open and honest decision is and if she were on your shoes what would she do.


Well I think you have the best of both worlds here. You are her patient now which is great. So pleased she has rung you. My decision would be let her look after you and let her tell you if and when you really need an ablation.

She has you in her care and as she says you can have the procedure done when it has been proven and all the possible amendments, refinements have been made if necessary. You are one lucky bunny to have her on side and giving you time and her time to see if you really need the ablation.

Like a very experienced ep said at a European heart conference, (I think it was the one who did Tony Blairs procedure ), like marriage an ablation isn't to be entered into lightly.


The only problem is I don't think she's correct in what she's saying, I couldn't go to see an EP in Cardiff as it was outside my health board, so I doubt if I'm now under her this easily.... I think it may turn out to be a mistake and I'm back being treated in Wales,


That is a dilemma. Didn't realise you were in Wales.


Juggsy, what if she retires early for some reason?


Ethically very good from Dr Ernst to ring as I am sure she wants you to help the chance of positive results for her study. I think your decision rests on whether you are willing and in a position to take a number of lifestyle changes - all discussed here in the past.

If not and I quite understand as they are not all easy or possible for some folk, I would go for it as I would say you are in very good hands. Good luck.


I'm in the process of making lifestyle changes, I've lost a stone and 2lb in the last month, stopped caffeine and salt, I'm exercising more, as for alcohol I rarely drink only on an occasion where my wife and I go out which isn't too often

I am religiously wearing my cpap for sleep apnea, and was told my thyroid is borderline low, so need to get a thorough check onthat


Well that's all the scans done, ablation in 2 weeks


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