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There is often a lot of traffic on here about ectopics and I just thought I would share something with you.

Many years ago I was at a conference addessed by Dr Sabine Ernst when a patient asked her about ectopics and mentioned that since their ablation they had a lot of them. Dr Ernst replied that this was a GOOD THING. It showed that the heart was trying to go into AF and failing.

Ok ok I know it doesn't feel like a good thing but worth remembering.


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Thx Bob for sharing !

this is what Ithink is happening with me all the time!!


So everyone can now relax with that news.


This is bad then for me, as since my ablation I've noticed no more than 3 or 4 a day. Used to get more than that per hour.

Also, what has GOD got to do with ectopics?

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BobDVolunteer in reply to UScore

Edited! Damned Typos! Less is better.

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jeanjeannie50 in reply to BobD

It made me laugh Bob, thank you for that.

Seems to make sense to me.

Love that typo Bob!! 😀

Well now. I do believe that is correct but that's where my anxiety with it all lies. How do you convince yourself that it's not going to go into AF when the dratted ectopics start. Still trying to master not panicking because of this 😥 But tonight I'll be telling myself it's good & hope I can stay calm 👍🏻

I was watching one of the new short Videos by Dr Gupta last night on 'Are Ectopic Beats damaging my heart' and thought it was reassuring ...:-)

and another Video just a few moments long ....

'I am getting lots of Ectopics what is my prognosis '

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I was aware of ectopics after my first ablation in 2009 and the feeling was that my heart was trying to get back onto AF. I was not worried unduly until it succeeded.....another story.

What about ectopics for those who have never had AF though ?? I'm thinking of a friend of mine.

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pottypete1 in reply to Hidden

I remember that once during an ablation procedure the discharge notes stated the I went into AF during the procedure and that the episode was precipitated by an ectopic.

On the whole of course Bob is right but try as I may to recite the mantra “ectopics are benign” I still get the hebe geebies every time I get a series of ectopics.

Some really can master the mental dimensions of AF and all that surrounds it but despite trying many remedies and taking all the advice on board it is often easier said than done to relax with so much going on inside the body and consciously and subconsciously in the mind.

It is however very comforting on the whole to have the support and advice from fellow forum members.


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BobDVolunteer in reply to Hidden

It depends on the number. Up to 200 a day is normal for anybody regardless of any conditon they may have or not. When they come in long clusters that can not be terminated by the usual breathing exercise (which usually works for me) then they do become irritatingI agree. Pete is right of course about impending panic which we all have to deal with for whatever reason some nothing to do with AF. .

I normally get a run of ectopics before I go into Afib . I find the ectopics more depressing then Afib . At least with Afib it’s over with hours . Extopics I get every second beat for weeks on ends .

I’m having an ablation for ectopics and Afib in weeks to come I really hope my ectopics don’t get worse after the ablation I couldn’t cope with that . Reading this has made me worried .

There is no hard andd fast rule.

Whilst ectopics do sometimes come more frequently after an ablation it is not always the case.

Please don’t get hung up on the negatives on balance you are most likely to have a better quality of life if you do have an ablation. The medical profession would not be funded for the procedure if it was not, in the majority of cases, beneficial.


Thanks Pete, reassuring to know . I’m just pinning all my hopes of this working.

If you have a date then no doubt you are counting the days. I know the feeling.

Try to do other things to take your mind off of it if you can, I know it is not easy.

Regarding Ectopics Dr Sanjay Gupta has a theory that they can be linked to anxiety so before do your best to relax and after do the same and rest as much as you can.


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greg35 in reply to Thompson123

Hi Thompson i am considering a 3rd ablation for ectopics please let me know your outcome i am on Flecinide at the minute which controls them but i want yo stop the meds, hope all goes well and fingers crossed for you.

Best wishes


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Thompson123 in reply to greg35

Hi ingrid,

Definitely will . What does of fleciniade are you on ?

I’m having more and more I now getting outbursts of flutters only lasting 30-60 secs a time having this 5 days a day .

Times a day 🙈

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greg35 in reply to Thompson123

HiThompson I am on 50 x 2 of Flecinide which helped enormously but I was having constant ectopics maybe 20 or more a minute all day! sleeping was a nightmare! But I dont want to be on meds for the rest of my life so have to decide whether I should go for another ablation, have you got a date yet?

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Thompson123 in reply to greg35

That’s what I’m on x2 flecinaide helps abit but not a lot the last couple of days as well as looks of ectopics 12min constant I been getting burst of short fast runs lasting up to a min having many off these ab hour .

My ablation Is on the 3Dec just been put on blood thinners .

I’m so scared about getting done but like you don’t want to be on meds and love to have a better Quality Of life .

Thanks forgetting back good to talk to people thank understand.

I think I agree with this Bob, after my ablation everything was fine had an hour run of AF on day 6 but every time I got an eptopic after that, I thought here we go again as it felt just like it was all about to kick off again but never did

Now when I get my eptopics I think deep breaths everything is ok and it is!

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I suppose it depends where they're coming from, as AF is a condition of the atria then PAC maybe would be this, however if they're coming from the ventricles then it could be something not connected with AF,

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Buffafly in reply to Hidden

True, we usually mean PACs but there are two other kinds - PVCs and PJCs which have different implications if you have many of them, but you still have to have a very high number before you worry.

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