6 week check up

So I'm currently waiting for my transport back to sunny Cardiff after seeing Sabine Ernst for my 6 week check up.

All was very positive she showed me a video of my procedure, and explained what she had done, which was a fascinating thing to see.

My holster monitor picked up I had 27 extra beats over 48hours, however she said they were ventricular not atrial when I asked if I should be concerned her reply was, not at all she has more than that and she deems herself as normal.

My drug regime is discontinued apart from the apixaban which I'm to take for a further 6 weeks and if I'm still sinus rhythm then I can also stop that

So all in all good news and a real privilege in meeting this highly skilled lady

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  • Wow it sounds great. Bet you are so pleased you had the courage to put yourself forward . X

  • Hi juggsy I have been waiting for your report on your six week follow up today . What excellent news. you and I both have got almost the all clear. This type of ablation is going to be big news in the future for the treatment of AF and it can only get better.


  • This is such good news - really encouraging. As dedeottie says you must be proud you took the opportunity - both of you.

  • How fantastic and encouraging.

  • Great to hear Juggsy, now don't go riding off into the sunset and forgetting about all of us. Please make sure you keep reporting back, it gives everyone hope to know that you are doing well.


  • Terrific news juggsy - you made the right decision in going with the best.

    Thank you for the update - keep well and remember to take it slowly.

  • Super news, well done for having the courage to be a pathfinder. You have a wonderful outcome. Please let us know how you are doing from time to time so we can share in your good news. Very well done you and Dr Ernst.

  • Great news Juggsy.....best Christmas present you could have had!

    Best wishes, John

  • Brill news. Now chill and enjoy the festive season x

  • Well done both of you.

  • Fantastic. Glad it has worked out so well especially since you were hesitant to start with!!!

    As was said further don't go off into the sunset never to be heard from again. I would rather that you report back now and again even though we will be a bit jealous!!!!

  • I'm not going far, I'll pop in from time to time to say hello....

  • Hi,

    I have emailed her - had a reply acknowledging my email but nothing since.

    Guess I should try again ?

    I wish you well in your continued recovery - Merry Christmas

  • Bloomin marvelous!

  • Great news Jugsy!

  • Oh Jugsy I am so glad that you are recovering well and have been a successful pioneer of the new procedure. Keep posting with updates and have a very happy Christmas and an AF-free New Year. Anne

  • Sorry, I missed the earlier threads, Can you tell me what procedure you had that was pioneering?

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