As most of you know I'm having my ablation with Sabine Ernst this month, to say I'm panicking about the procedure is an understatement,

My wife, 2 daughters and I are travelling to krakow 16 December for 5 days visiting the xmas markets, this will be around 2 months post ablation, what's people's thoughts on being able to enjoy the trip.. Sabine has said it's fine to go, however she also said I could go back to work after 10 days, I think this may be on the optimistic side

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  • Dear Juggsy75

    As you know I have tried to put your mind at rest before but it seems that I am not making a very good job of it!

    All I can do is offer you the benefit of my experiences.

    It is now 4 weeks ago today that I had my 5th ablation. I am now feeling very much my old self and have had 2 x 1.5 hour sessions at the gym this week. I am 69 years of age into the bargain.

    True to say that for the first couple of weeks I took it very easy and felt delicate at times, particularly in the groin area. Apart from the first 10 days my heart has behaved itself.

    I know we are all different but I want you to try and think of the glass as half full and not half empty.

    I hope my words from the experienced will give you some comfort.

    Best wishes


  • Pete fear not my friend, your words and the words of others have been very reassuring, this is just me wondering about my healing time and what I can and cannot do

  • I would have thought that you would be fine 2 months post ablation , particularly as your EP has given you the word.

    I was tripping the light fantastic at my son's wedding ( mum dancing ?) 6 weeks after my 3rd ablation and ditto at my daughters a few weeks later.

    It will do you good and focus your mind elsewhere.


  • I think you are in good hands with Sabine Ernst I would be guided by her she is one of the best in her field. so look forward to a lovely break with your family and a very special AF free Christmas.

  • Jugsy. As you know we had many exchanges before. Being blunt you are mildly paroxysmal (not having had regular and sustained attacks) like quite a number have and in any event better off compared to someone who is in persistent AF. Personally from what has been relayed on here I think you being back at work in 10 days is optimistic. However it is quite possible that these new methods and equipment cause less burning, pain, etc. Even if you double her number then that's only 3 weeks then add a week for luck that's 4 weeks which is more realistic in my view and certainly what I would be planning for to cover eventualities. I know i was told no drivingbfor 1 week and it was a few days extra before I drove.

    As to the two months till you go away that seems a very good length of time and I'd have thought no problem.

    Good luck. Peter

  • Thanks Peter, yes I can always rely on you for a well thought out reply

  • Is it that bad??

    Is it that predictable?

  • Predictable..... maybe


  • Panic not, but going back to work after ten days depends very much on what you do, assuming the procedure was, as so many are, trouble free. A trip to Krakow in two months sound like a good idea.

  • I work in s factory that manufactured artificial limbs and joints, I spray the parts in a chamber, the spray gun is quite heavy so I'm thinking maybe s month off, as I work 4 on 4 off shifts I'll need 16 days off

  • Sounds like a good way forward. Best to plan for a gentle recovery as going back too soon could be unhelpful.

  • I 'did' Christmas for my family 10 days after my ablation for PAF and Flutter and enjoyed it so I think at your age (I'm 70) you should be able to shop til you drop - unless you are looking for an excuse of course?

    Best wishes, we are all looking forward to hearing about your experience!

  • I went to Seville for week, two weeks after my ablation, that why I went, to give myself a break.

  • Hi there! You will be fine! I went to Italy for a week only one week after my third ablation and although I took it very easy I was absolutely fine x

  • There are plenty of cafes, restaurants etc, in the cellars around Krakow market place (It's warmer down there), where you can have a quiet sit while your family runaround all the stalls etc! Just enjoy being there - have a different cafe experience each time - let them do the shopping!

  • Sounds great Polski, I'm also looking to visit ....auschwitz whilst there, taking my children also to remind the younger generation of the terrible atrocities,

  • Be prepared for a very sombre visit and a long walk, as the tour takes some time.

  • I which you all the best . I am sure everything will go to the plan . Dr Ernst is a competent EP from all that I have read about her.

    Unfortunately she turned me down on the basis of my underlining heart problems ie mild biatrial dilation .

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