Back on an even keel

Having tried two lots of statins have decided to kick then into touch. Flecainide now down to 50 mg twice a day. Bisoprolol has been stopped as I was like a zombie on 1.25 . Respect to all you folk who have to cope with big doses ( I realise this is not a choice). Also mentioned a while since last ECG and lovely GP said ok for me to have one took my pulse and waved me goodbye.

All done in three minutes which as she was running 30 mins late at 9.30 am may have cheered her up. It did me

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  • Great! Good to see someone moving in the right direction. Well done.

  • Well done you. Take care.


  • Great news Bagrat - I'm so pleased for you that you could halve your Flecainide dose and get rid of the Bisop. It must feel like a new lease of life and long may it continue. xx

  • Isn't it good when you come out of an appointment and say 'Yes!' to yourself

  • Bagrat 300 mg of pantethine before breakfast and 300 before dinner with Bergamont (500mg) lowered my lipds to superlatively healthy levels and raise the HDL--see Dr. Rhumbergers research on pantethine-a placebo, double blind study, trying placebo, 300 mg/day; 600 and 900 mg per day of pantethine. The 600 worked the best. Rhumberger is a cardiologist from Mayo Clinic in USA, now works at princeton longevity--does ct heart scans-- and also has a degree in engineering-- he made the first fast ct scan that could capture heart details and also wrote the text for radiologists and cardiologist on how to interpret the ct scan.

  • traveler65 Thank you. I will have a good read round the subject. My only and not insurmountable problem is being on warfarin and having to go back to weekly blood tests if i instigate this, but thankyou. My GP is not a fan of supplements I fear, but as I said not insurmountable

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