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Back in A-fib even when taking flecainide

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I have been taking 100mg flecainide (tambocor) since February (before that i was on 200mg) daily. I went into A-fib some time over the weekend. I haven't been able to see my cardio yet as i was away and yesterday was a public holiday.

Anyone experienced this? I am at a loss because I NEVER skip my meds. I am hoping there was a dud batch!

According to my heart rate monitor my pulse doesn't go lower than about 78 bpm which is very unusually high for me.

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Hello Jonathan

I have been on Flecainide for many years. It controls AF but for me and many others it doesn't eliminate it. I still go into AF every 2 - 3 weeks.

Speak to your EP to discuss the options.

I agree with 'pottypete'. I was on 200mg per day for over 5 years and although it improved my AF it didn't get rid of it. I am now in my fifth Flecanide free week after an ablation.

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Flecainide doesn't cure AF it merely controls it. Since AF is almost always progressive it follows that eventually either it will stop working or dosage will need to be increased. Forget bad batch I'm afraid.

That's what my cardiologist calls 'breakthrough' and isn't your fault or a dud batch - the AF is outstripping the drug's ability to control the current bombardment of signals. Some cardiologists advise a small extra dose of Flecainide at such times, but only your own physician can advise you.

Hope you get some relief and advice soon.

Seeing Cardiologist tomorrow. He is suggesting invasive procedures....

Is the manufacturer the same as previously?

Yes. It's a "breakthrough" as Finvola says

Hello Jonathan,

I am not saying you should do this,Iwas prescribed Flecainide by my Cardiologist 4yrs ago to use as pill in pocket" to take only when an episode of AF comes on.

The dose I have to take is 300mg all at once,within 40mins to 2hrs I am back to normal,this works for me every time.Hope you feel better soon.


I was cardioverted today and have an appointment with an EP on 31 August. I am also now changing my tambocor to 2x100mg/day + a beta blocker - this will be evaluated on 31/8.

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