Hi, following a three month period where my A/Fib had appeared to settle down ( marvellous) a couple of times this week I have had a couple of Slight episode of it becoming a bit erratic, however this morning its excelling itself, all over the place. Used the app on my phone to take my pulse and it was jumping from 107 to 39 and variables in between. Now settled slightly, but still not happy. Thinking of getting a kardia and wondered if there were various models and if so which would be the best. Reading posts on here it would seem that users do think they are worth having. Would be grateful of any advice please. I was just staring to feel fairly normal again damn it!

Sue x

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  • Hi Sue - I'm a great fan of the Kardia as the many different threads on here will show and I think you will find it beneficial to record those elusive, short wobbles. I think the model depends on which phone/device you are going to use - eg iphone - there is a lot of information on the Kardia website and once you have your recorder you download the app relevant to your phone.

    I use mine with an iPad as I liked the idea of a large screen, even though it isn't so mobile. I just hold the Kardia close to the microphone so that the signal is good.

    Bet once you have it, the wobbles will disappear! Hope so, anyway . . .

  • Thanks vinvola, I did have quick look at web site this morning the first one I saw was the "mini", just wondered if that was a cheaper one and if it was therefore reliable. Actually feeling much better now thanks, maybe that was my lesson not to get too complacent

    Sue x

  • I have never heard of a 'mini', as far as I know there is one device which can be fitted to your phone with a suitable accessory.

  • Thanks so much for your response

    Sue x

  • Not heard of the mini. The actual Kardia device (formerly AliveCor) was the same regardless as to the device you used it with. The "different" ones related to the plastic frame in which it was contained. In fact you can buy it loose (ie not in a frame). Even if you buy it in a frame you do not have to have the frame clipped to the phone - it will work perfectly well providing the Kardia is within range of the device you are recording on. I have never tried this because I haven't thought to do so but you could possibly record on two devices at the same time.

    The key thing is the app has to be system specific (eg iOS for Apple or Android). The next thing is that the device that the app is loaded on has to support the high frequency sound waves that the Kardia uses. So for instance if you buy it in a frame that is for the iPhone 5 you can clip it onto the iPhone or you can use it loose with a tablet (whether that is an iPad or an android tablet).

    The recording is stored on one of Kardia's servers (f you are in the UK then they use EU.AliveCor.Com) again regardless as to what device you used to record it on. So for instance you may have used an iPhone to record and you could look at it on an iPhone or on an iPad or on an android phone or on an android tablet or on a windows PC / laptop.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks peter, that sounds a better option. It looks as if they are currently promoting the mini on their site. I found other models on Amazon. Will delve further


  • I couldn't see the mini on their website. I could see the one they call Mobile.

  • I must be going bonkers then, the one I found was tiny same size as a credit card. I will have another look tomorrow, having anothe ectopic episode at the moment. Really fed up now, thought I was doing so well too!


  • Sue

    I think that is just the "sensing" unit itself that is not pre-installed in a case!! So you are not going bonkers.

  • Hi peter, Kardia mobile now ordered, watch this space !


  • You won't be disappointed!!!

  • BTW I should get my replacement one in the next couple of days.

  • Hi peter, where are you getting your from, mine is ordered from a place called Tellmenow. Just hope it's o k.


  • Mine is a replacement under warranty so it is coming from AliveCor fulfilment centre.

  • Well! It's here, finally working, (no one told me it wouldn't work on a standardsize IPad. )

    Now on my iPhone and it works like a dream!

    Thanks for all your help


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