Athletes ......Pandora's Box????

Post ablation athletes do you sometimes feel that we may be opening "Pandoras Box" as we try to regain our athleticism ?

I am 4months post cryoablation and starting to feel like my" ol self" again physically and mentally. Have had no afib activities and am now wearing a heart halter monitor for a month(doc ordered) non stop 24/7. It has been encouraging to know that while running no signs of afib or any irregularities have appeared. I find myself trying to go faster and longer and then I think just settle down ......don't get into trouble again with afib!!!!

My competitive juices are starting to rise we cross over again into the racing scene or jog off into the sunset???? LOL

GeeGee :)

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  • Life's for living my Electrophysiologist told me and I'm back into cycling racing with his approval.

  • Hi Elbows! How is your FTP affected by afib/ablation/meds?

    I'm on bisoporol and my power is pathetic!

    Weekend Warrior

  • I was only on Apixaban for the ablation and now off that too. (Lone AF and Zero Chadvasc Score) Power is good but I don't have a season of road racing taking me into Cyclo Cross. I need to get more speed in my legs, and that will come with racing and weekly chaingangs and roller intervals.

  • My Ep has same attitude aren't we lucky!


  • Positive post thank you.

    I have Parox AF, and my EP recommended continuing as normal, I box (or at least do the training do not spar), go jogging (about 7km, a few times a week), I get a bit paranoid when my heart rate reached 140, but I guess at 46 when training it is still withing normal rate and goes back to normal quickly, although I must admit AF plays with your HEAD quite a bit if that makes sense. Wishing all of you well here.

  • Andy... yes a fib does do a number to our "head" but then life is a head game after all. I am glad you are feeling well and can enjoy your athletic life.

    I think all athletes would agree that our sport is not something we do it is who we are! 🏃🏽🚴🏋


  • GeeGee thank you again, it is funny that today I went for a run, about 7 - 8 km, heart rate was higher than normal and I pushed myself more around 150. Got home had something to eat and felt tachycardic, tried to get a pulse around 100ish, jumped a little, but stayed high for a while, splashed cold water over head and tried Valsalva manoeuvre, which seemed to slow it down for a minute and then it went back up. Have a pill in the pocket solution, but decided to go to hospital to see if I could capture it via ECG. All this lasted about 2 hours by the time I saw nurse in A&E, my pulse went to 76 in sinus and stayed there, had an ECG which was fine and returned home approx 3.5 hours after this all started and my pulse is now 60 (normal resting is about 56). Still scares the life out of me though.

  • My EP said listen to your body. If you feel good, then full steam ahead. I probably pushed it a little too much after my 2nd ablation,I was back in full training after 4 weeks. Had a blip, so slowed it down for a few weeks, but tip top now.

  • Jason .... glad you are in tip top shape now, hope to be there soon too 😃


  • Been six months since I had my catheter ablation. Seems to be "cured". I've done a lot of surfing, skiing, running and swimming throughout my life. I'm 61. But who knows whether the exercise caused it? If it didn't cause it then no reason not to do exercise. But if you ride a bike for hour after hour with your upper body cramped into an unnatural, fixed position while only your legs are working? I've read more articles about bike riders getting AF than any other types of athlete.

    But then again I'm one of those people who thinks using a $10,000 bike to make going fast easier, wearing a technicolor leotard when you're going fast enough to need full leathers for crash protection, and hurtling down the road creating a traffic hazard is a pretty dumb way to exercise.

  • Glad to hear that you are feeling so much better !!

    I think a lot of people think runners are crazy also it's all relative ....

    We all just have to keep following our passion and listen to our hearts and be safe ❤️🏃🏽


  • Good for you , Did you have permanent A>F

  • No. PAF. But I had 15 PAFs in the first 4.5 months after the operation and also once a day for first 10 days after op. So 25 times before it stopped

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