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I'm new here, just diagnosed last month

I started having an accelerated heart beat on July 1st. It happened while watching TV about once a week. My normal resting heart rate is around 75 bpm. Mine would go from 100-150 bpm. I always new when it started and when it stopped. I wasn't in pain but I felt different. So I called a cardiologist and got an appointment. They did an ekg and set me up for an echocardiogram, chemical stress test and heart monitor.

Some history, I am overweight, have hypertension, have sleep apnea and just diagnosed with Type II Diabetes though my blood sugar is normally around 105 first thing in the morning. I'm taking invokamet twice a day to keep it in check. I am on metoprolol, 50 mg once a day and Diavan 160/12.5 once a day. I've also been taking 81mg of aspirin a day.

When I had my sleep study, I was stopping breathing over 80 times an hour. I have been religiously on my CPAP machine for over four years now. I haven't missed a night without it since I got it and never have to take it off until I get up.

So the day I got my heart monitor, I received a call from my cardiologist's office 45 minutes after I left. They said the doctor had seen some anomolies and wanted to increase my aspirin to 325 mg. The next day I was scheduled for the second half of my stress test. Again the doctor's office called me in 30 minutes early as my doctor wanted to talk to me. When I got in, he told me I had Paroxysmal AFib and he put me on 5 mg of Eliquis twice a day. A week later I got the results of my stress test and echocardiogram. He said it showed a had a small blockage in one of my arteries. i was set up for a heart catherization this past Friday. He alluded to this being the possible cause of my AFib. I had my heart cath. done two days ago and it went well. I didn't need a balloon or stent. The good news is that I didn't have a blockage, the bad news is that obviously (at least to me) seems that this hasn't caused my AFib.

What to do next? I have a follow up with my cardiologist on September 20. I don't think they have any Electrophysiologist in this practice. This is a midsized town in Texas. I have a friend who has recommend his Electrophysiologist, a Dr. Charles Machen in San Antonio. He has over 36 years of experience and has done over 9000 ablations. I'm thinking I should try to get an appointment with him.

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I agree.


Welcome tbone, you'll hopefully find lots of helpful support here, though it looks like lots of us are out in our gardens in the sunshine today.

AF affects all sorts of people (many with sleep apnea and / or diabetes) and we all have our own brand. Some of us have made lots of progress since we were diagnosed, which in some cases was many years ago. Having a heart problem may not sound too good, but AF is an electrical problem and as you have gathered an Electrophysiologist is the person to see, as Bob says. The good thing about AF is that it can goad us into healthy living and that can be a change that has loads of benefits. The Eliquis will help to protect too.

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Hi tbone.....sounds like you have some issues there, but clearly you are thinking through the options and your conclusions seem to make a lot of sense. You will get a lot of help from the folks in this forum.....just shout if you need help.......all the best, John

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I hope that you are no longer taking such a hefty dose of aspirin. It can really upset your stomach after a short time.



Ask about treatment for hypertension and sleep apnoea as both can cause AF- you won't really know what to do until these are addressed, Losing weight healthily may help diabetes and everything else- easier said than done I know!!

Take care

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