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I had ablation on monday


Just wanted to introduce myself as i would like to share my ablation experience and hopefully gain from others experience.

I had a pvi isolation ablation on monday this week and the consultsnt reported everything went as expected finding the point in one of the veins casusing the paroxymal af and ablating two circumfrenses round them in pairs.

Yestetday i was experiencing quite a lot of chest pain/ discomfort which the dr explained as inflamation caused by the proceedure and should settle after a few days of paracetemol. this seems to be happening as today is much better.

However i am getting quite a lot of skipped beats which i can feel but also some short periods when the pulse feels slightly irregular/ hesitant but normal speed. the skipped beats i knew to expect but not sure if the "slight" irregularity is af, skipped beats but less severe or something else.

Any toughts would be appreciated


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Hi Dave - It's quite normal to have an abnormal heart rhythm for a while after an ablation. I believe it takes something like 3 months for the scar tissue to form and heal in the area that has been ablated. It's this scar tissue that blocks the abnormal rhythms, so still early days yet for you to be worrying. Make sure you rest and give your heart time to heal, certainly do nothing for the first week and then only a little the second. After my two ablations I needed two weeks off of work. Let us know how you get on.



Jean is quite right Dave it is far too early to worry. I am sure there is an FAQ which you might like to read about ablation; look on the top right of the page above. or ask any specific here. but you sound quite normal. Please take plenty of time to recover and don't be too eager to go back to work. Two weeks minimum from my (considerable) experience.


Jeanjeanie and bob

thanks for the wise words.

I suppose i really know that expecting no reactions in only 2 days since the proceedure is ludicrous. after all the heart has been "assaulted" for three hours or so.

I know from experience of a hip replacement that recovery is an up and down process - a marathon not a sprint- and i dont suppose this is going to be any different.

I firstly was diagnosed with paroxymal af 20 years ago and eventually had a focal point ablation in 1999. 15 years free of the demon but a return of the dreaded palps about 18 months ago. this led me to this latest ablation at the liverpool heart ad chest hospital on monday to try an eliminat the af for good.

This forum and others are a real benefit to us all. there was nothing available 20 years ago - you were on your own

thanks regards


You're heart has been burnt and is probably trying to return to is former self and reacting to the ablation lines so give it time. I'm having mine come September and I guess I will be the same. Get well soon. :)

How are you feeling now after a week? Please keep us updated as it will help all of us waiting for our own ablations. Mine is less than four weeks away. Wishing you a speedy recovery and good health.

Thanks for asking

its now day 9 post ablation. i'd like to report that everything is fantastic but that is not the case. Howevere neither is it all bad.

I think slow and steady is probably the bes way to describe things.

I had what i considered to be a set back last Thursday when i had a 3 hour episode of pretty vigerous af. As it was probably worsd than i have had in the last 12months I called the heart rythm nurse at the hospital.. Within the hour the consultant called back and both reassured me this was to pretty normal and part of the healing processes as the scar tissue starts to form.

I went to see the consultant the flllowing day. Ecg fine and he was very good at explaining what was going on. he prescribes 2.5 mg bisoprolol for the next 3 weeks whilst things settle.

Since then everything seems ok no more episodes to date and very few (hardly any) skipped beats.

I was concerned but remain optomistic

fingers crossed



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