8 weeks - so far, so good!

Cryoablation 8 weeks ago and apart from one 12 hour period of rapid and sometimes, irregular heat beat, things are good. During that wobbly period, my Kardia recorded possible AF a couple times and unclassified at others. I have been aware of occassional ectopics and/or palputations, but I've tried to ignore them and I think they are less frequent. I'm just about to finish the omeprazole, but will carry on with my other meds (Diltiazem, Flecainide and Apixaban) until my review at the end of the year. Hoping to be able to reduce this medication then, but I will have to wait and see!!

My wife and I are celebrating a big birthday this year, and we will soon be going to the States for a month which has been booked for more than a year now, and there have been times when we didn't think we would make it. Naturally, we are grateful for all the help we have had from the Surrey Support Group, the folks at St George's and last, but not least......this Forum.

I know this is by no means over, but I hope it will help others, best wishes, John

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  • Long may your good health continue and hope you have a wonderful holiday in the States - we did! Best wishes, Irene.

  • Good to hear how well things are going. Hope you both have a wonderful holiday.

  • Well done John. Enjoy America but take it easy.

  • So pleased that all has gone well for you. Long may it continue.


  • That is brilliant John, I hope all stays well and you both enjoy your hollybobs. Don't overdue it out there as the temptation is great!

    Best wishes


  • Good luck, John. Don't forget to visit KY if u have time. It is beautiful!! And yes the grass is blue!!(kinda)


  • Awesome! I personally had not had a single episode of ANYTHING anytime after my ablation, nearly 3 months ago. It is like I never had AF or A-flutter in my entire life.

  • Well done John, good to hear that things are steadily improving. Hope you and your wife have a brilliant holiday.

  • This all sounds very good, John. The timing seems to have dovetailed very nicely. Have a wonderful time!

  • Thank you all for your replies and holiday wishes........John

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