Day two after ablation(s), so far so good!

Thank you to all who wished me luck, had ablations for flutter and a fib - first on list at Papworth on Monday, was under anaesthetic by 8.30 am and back on ward by about 2pm. Whilst doing the procedure they discovered a third arrhythmia- atrial tachycardia, which I had actually felt as very different to the other two, several times in the last few months, but had never been diagnosed or recorded. As I had been under for some time they did a small amount of 'burning' but this one may need further work. They are pleased with the work done to curtail the other two, so fingers crossed for successful outcome.

I felt reasonably ok Monday afternoon after I had fully woken up, apart from very uncomfortable after effects of bladder catheter, and using a bed pan lying down is not very easy for those of us of the female persuasion! And a banging headache which persisted until Tuesday night.

My chest wasn't too bad to start with but think that was because of the anaesthetic and/or pain relief I was given during the procedure. The pains increased during yesterday and I found it difficult to sleep last night, laying flat was the worst, but I took some more paracetamol early hours and feel quite comfortable now - but wide awake (5 am). I had very little bleeding from the entry wounds in groin, and at the moment not much bruising.

I think I may actually treat myself to a day in front of the telly today- I don't find it easy to be looked after, but am staying with my daughter and know I need to rest a bit!

So that's the hard bit done and whilst not a pleasant experience it was not as bad as I had feared!

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  • Thats good news Angie. Take it easy today and let your daughter look after you. Heather

  • Hi Angie,

    Well Done, now make sure you get plenty of rest.

    Best Wishes


  • All very familiar! Take it easy now the worst is over,

    Be well!

    Wendi x

  • Rest a bit??? A LOT!!!!!!!!! You must take it easy for at least a week and not much more for the second. Just because you do not have a zip up your chest does not mean that your heart hasn't had a good kicking so let it heal.

    Well done


  • Good news. However it is now two weeks of doing very little!

  • Well in fact I was told by hospital first week only things to do were tv remote, phone and iPad. Second week not too much more!!!!

  • Hi - glad it went well for you.

    I like the idea of being looked after .

    Dont over do it and undo the good work .

    I guess your worry now is to rest a lot , keep occupied and not get bored silly

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