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Cardioversion- So far so good


I have had permanent AFib since September. Kardia readings have been averaging 110bpm. It has been quite simply horrendous.

I am a 46 year old triathlete and compete in Ironmen comps. Since Sept I have been unable to do a thing. Felt totally horrific, exhausted and began to feel depressed.

Whilst on a waiting list for an Ablation I was pit forward for a Cardioversion which I had this morning and I am back in Sinus Rhythm!!!! BPM 50. I feel truly fantastic already. Resting at home with the wife bringing me snacks. Seeing NORMAL flash up on my KARDIA was incredible.

I will remain on Xarelto and Bisoprolol until I have an Ablation. Incase a cancellation comes up I will be ready! Just hoping the Cardioversion works its magic for as long as possible!

Desperate to run again.

Anyway. Thought I would just share a bit of good news on a monday!!

Hope everyone is as well as can be.

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46 year old triathlete says it all I'm afraid. You are in the highest ever risk group of people for AF as many here already know and I am sure you have been told. Glad the DCCV worked but again I am sure you know it is not a cure.

Maybe time to re-assess your options?

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Yes I know. Mad isn’t it. Thinking fitness would keep me young and sprightly. How wrong I was Bob.

Family comes first now.

Great news LONDS7, but try not to spoil the result by rushing back into extreme or excessive training. You are not going to like being told this, but extreme sporting activity is a well known and well documented cause of AF. Neither an ablation and certainly not a cardioversion cure AF so the chances are that the sooner you go back to extreme levels of exercise the quicker the AF will return and you will be back to square one.

Google Dr John Mandrola and look at the synopsis of his book The Haywire Heart. Not only is he an Electrophysiologist, he is also an accomplished sportsman......sorry if this seems a bit blunt, but I’m only trying to protect you from your wife....💪😉👍

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Great advice FlapJack. I know you are so right. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

I really am going to put my health first and find other hobbies. Such a shame as it was such a big part of my life.

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Gardening is great. Plus scientists have discovered why keen gardeners are usually happy people. As well as the sunshine ( well maybe not at the moment!),fresh air and birdsong there is a bacterium in the soil that when it gets into our guts makes serotonin and dopamine. Just don't be too zealous with hand washing when coming in from the garden- there probably isn't any coronavirus out there.

Fingers crossed for you. Mt cardioversion is on Friday , hope it works for me.

Best wishes.


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Fingers crossed Steve101. I’ll be grateful for just a few days!!

Really hope it works mate.

Please let your heart gain strength beating in it's normal rhythm before doing anything strenuous. I once walked up a hill the day after a cardioversion and went straight back into AF. I tell you the disappointment is overwhelming and you feel really cross with yourself. Have had lots and have learnt the hard way.


Thanks Jean. I really won’t do anything to risk it. Will be devastated if and when it reverts back!!

I feel like a new man this afternoon!!

Thanks for the advice.

It's the most wonderful feeling when your heart is reverted back to it's normal rhythm. Glad you're feeling so well.

Very good news - it is a good feeling when converted back in to NSR (was converted on 11/12/2019) Had a chuckle when you said 'resting in bed wife bringing you snacks'. Is that part of your prescripted treatment😂😂 Good luck!!👍

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Sure is! Making the most of this!! Haha.

My first one lasted 6 days and the second 8, but I had my drugs changed before the second one and they seemed to push it back into rhythm again after a few days. Still have the occasional flutter, but thrilled to report I've been good for nearly 3 weeks now. Life becomes so much better. Everything crossed! Really hope it stays good for you too, but be gentle on yourself!.

Thanks, folks, for these posts! My wife has been in persistent AF for more than 13 years, but being managed with rate control. Didn't know about Kardia until this post. I am surprised that none of her cardios ever mentioned it, especially since it was cleared for OTC back in 2014. Hmmm...

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Mister_K. I cannot believe they don’t suggest getting one! It is brilliant and although I can get a bit obsessed with checking it at times it really has helped me. Worth every penny.

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Get one off of Amazon Mister_K

AliveCor KardiaMobile EKG Monitor | FDA-Cleared | Wireless Personal EKG | Works with Smartphone | Detects AFib Bradycardia and Tachycardia in 30 Seconds

Just to be pedantic, as the cardioversion brought you back into SR, you have persistent not permanent AF. Good news.

in reply to Barb1

Yes! Autotype text at it’s best!! I meant Persistent. :-)

Are you still in normal sinus rhythm?

Yes!!! Feeling unbelievable still Jean.

Had a call and need to go to London on Friday for a pre-op for an Ablation next week.

It’s like buses, Waited all this time and then 2 come along at once!

How are you?

Good to hear, so wonderful for you to experience a normal heart rate again. Long may that continue.

I'm having a bit of emotional turmoil right now. I've had three suspect skin cancers removed over the last couple of weeks. Have had lots removed in the past, but three in one year is something new. Also have something coming on my cheek which worries me, it's ok having these spots removed from the body, but not my face!!!


Oh that is such a worry and an added stress to worry about. So sorry to hear that. When do you get results?

Anytime now. X

Goodluck. X

That’s wonderful news .. very happy for you

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