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Quick release Tambocor is so much better!

Not sure if this is news to anyone.

I was on slow release Tambocor (flecainide) [CR next to the pill name] from October until recently. Initially i was on 200mg (one pil), then down to 100mg. Recently I went into A-fib while taking 100mg and was cardioverted for the 4th time. Now I am on 100mg quick release [I think there is a DR next to the name] twice a day, plus a beta blocker.

When I was on the slow release I felt strange more often than I felt normal. This was especially the case on 100mg; surprisingly, on 200mg I was generally fine.

However now that I am on the quick release version it seems like I feel fine all the time! This is so much better!

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WE all react differently to drugs so glad you found what works for you. Others may not be so lucky.


Fabulous. ! It can be very difficult to find equilibrium with the medications, as I can attest to. I am very pleased for you but tinged with envy. Be well.



Hello Jonathan

I have never heard of slow release Tambocor. I was on Tambacor for many years and found that if the pharmacists tried to substitute Tambacor for a generic flecanide the control was not so good. I have never heard of quick release Tambour either.

Quite recently the pharmacists said they could not obtain Tambacor so I had to get my doctor to prescribe a generic Flecanide. My control of my PAF has not been so good since and I am wondering if this is a contributory factor.

200mg sounds a big does is that once a day or twice a day. I was on 150 x 2 a while back and found the side effects (mainly nausea) were hard to deal with. Mind you reading all the posts I think I am a particularly sensitive soul and maybe it is just me.



I was on 200mg once a day. There is CR and DR (i think it is DR). CR is slow release, I know that. If its not CR my guess it is not slow release.


Jonathan, TM is on the box of tambocor that I have .


Trademark? The slow release I have taken is in capsule and the other kind is a pill.


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