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What the Heck is it now???

I've gradually been having problems when exercising. It has been getting worse. I can barely do two laps in the pool with out feeling tired and out of breath. If I really push it and try to do an extra lap it feels like I've just run the Boston Marathon.Riding my bike, when I do even moderate hills at first , I'm having to stop and I'm gasping for air but once I "catch my breath" I'm usually ok for the rest of the ride.They have me on a heart monitor again. My EP thinks it is a warm up issue. I told him I've warmed up with the same results. May have to look for other EP's out of the area. There is definitely something out of whack. I had an ablation done in January bummer!!! :-(((

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Hi Paul - Your breathing symptoms do sound like AF may be back. I used to feel exactly like you when I started a cycle ride, felt extremely tired as I started but soon began to feel better. Could it be that your AF is paroxysmal, so sometimes you can do things and then when in PAF not?



Jean,I was diagnosed with Paroxysmal Afib. If it is Afib it feels different then when I had it before the ablation. It used to knock me for a loop afterwards. This time I don't get that feeling .


Paul, do you wear a HR monitor while exercising? Im currently back in AF after being 2 years free. (no ablation yet)

I've found i can do short burst HiiT exercises ok, but i tried to go for a run last night and found after only a few minutes my HR would shoot up with no change in my effort and i could immediately physically feel like i'd been running a marathon. If i walked for a bit the HR would drop but this cycle would repeat.

I'm going to give the running a miss until my EP consultation at least


Jon, until I started wearing the lifewatch gizmo I was wearing a hr monitor while biking. I noticed that my average hr went up at least 10 bpm from after the ablation to current. I could be wrong but I believe it is some kind of rhythm issue.


Paul, I just read a previous post of yours and had to laugh, because i said to our running coach (just a local "for fun" group) last night that i'm actually feeling quite fit at the moment, but i'm glad i didn't make the Olympic team, because i would have let the side down ;-)

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Well, just got a call from the EP. I have aflutter. They have put me on a calcium beta blocker to see if that helps. The journey continues :-)))


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