What the Heck is it now???

I've gradually been having problems when exercising. It has been getting worse. I can barely do two laps in the pool with out feeling tired and out of breath. If I really push it and try to do an extra lap it feels like I've just run the Boston Marathon.Riding my bike, when I do even moderate hills at first , I'm having to stop and I'm gasping for air but once I "catch my breath" I'm usually ok for the rest of the ride.They have me on a heart monitor again. My EP thinks it is a warm up issue. I told him I've warmed up with the same results. May have to look for other EP's out of the area. There is definitely something out of whack. I had an ablation done in January bummer!!! :-(((

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  • Hi Paul - Your breathing symptoms do sound like AF may be back. I used to feel exactly like you when I started a cycle ride, felt extremely tired as I started but soon began to feel better. Could it be that your AF is paroxysmal, so sometimes you can do things and then when in PAF not?


  • Jean,I was diagnosed with Paroxysmal Afib. If it is Afib it feels different then when I had it before the ablation. It used to knock me for a loop afterwards. This time I don't get that feeling .

  • Paul, do you wear a HR monitor while exercising? Im currently back in AF after being 2 years free. (no ablation yet)

    I've found i can do short burst HiiT exercises ok, but i tried to go for a run last night and found after only a few minutes my HR would shoot up with no change in my effort and i could immediately physically feel like i'd been running a marathon. If i walked for a bit the HR would drop but this cycle would repeat.

    I'm going to give the running a miss until my EP consultation at least

  • Jon, until I started wearing the lifewatch gizmo I was wearing a hr monitor while biking. I noticed that my average hr went up at least 10 bpm from after the ablation to current. I could be wrong but I believe it is some kind of rhythm issue.

  • Paul, I just read a previous post of yours and had to laugh, because i said to our running coach (just a local "for fun" group) last night that i'm actually feeling quite fit at the moment, but i'm glad i didn't make the Olympic team, because i would have let the side down ;-)

  • Well, just got a call from the EP. I have aflutter. They have put me on a calcium beta blocker to see if that helps. The journey continues :-)))

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