It feels like my heart is aching. Is this normal?

My heart feels like it is aching in my chest. Does anyone else get this feeling? I'm having a bad day and had to take the day off. I am so exhausted. By the time i'd had a shower and got dressed i couldn't do anything but sit down. I admit is sobbed a bit too. I'm worried about my job.

When I first went in to hospital I ended up having two weeks off i was so tired and my heart rate wouldnt settle. Still pounding away even with the meds. I do hope the cardioversion is done soon. I have just over a month to our holiday for my husbands 50th and I am so hoping i feel better than this.

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  • Cardioversion can bring very fast relief. The week after I had mine, I walked up three flights of stairs - something I hadn't done in years. I used to feel bruised inside. If you haven't already done so, try some of the techniques for relieving the symptoms that others have suggested. hang on in there.

  • Are you on any drugs and are they the right ones? I had to try various ones before getting one for me. Most made me feel worse, one worked sort of OK, and the last one works very well. Like Mrspat with the cardioversion, I've gone form being worn out all the time to just about normal, but by having the right drug in my case.


  • I'm on warfrin, digoxin and diltizem hydrocholoride. I can always feel my heart beat and im not sure it is controlling the rate that well tbo, often goes up over 100bpm at rest.

    Can I ask also does anyone know if AF is considered under the DDA Act, I sense problems at work

  • sorry forgot to ask as well. if the meds aren't right do i just go see my doctor? My next cardiologist appointment is August! I think they are banking on the cardioversion working. I have my echocardiogram tomorrow so guess that will either tell us more or not as the case may be. Do i have the right to phone the cardiologist to discuss meds, or his secretary? Or do i just go to see my GP?

  • Does the cardiology department that you attend have specialist cardiac care nurses working in clinic? They are often a good liaison point and can give good advice. Ask when you go tomorrow and get a name. Try the secretary as well. She will be able to advise on whether GP or consultant should be the next step,though I doubt whether the hospital will bring your appointment forward unless the echo shows that's necessary. I know only too well how AF wears you down but you have nothing to lose in asking for anything. can't help with DDA

  • Do you know what rate your pulse been today? I understand completely the awful tiredness you are feeling - it's a nightmare and disabling! I've never had the aching chest though. Others on here have given good advice. If I have a problem with my heart now I ring my arrithymia nurse and usually get to see her next day and have an ECG to see what is going on. I can't take Digoxin, it makes me feel ill, low and scatty. Apparently they don't suit everyone and you may be one of those who are affected by it.

    I had to give up my job last year because of my PAF, but I was just at retirement age anyway.Have felt so much better without the stress of that.

    I would talk to your GP about your meds.

    Cardioversion for me has been wonderful. I just wake up cured! How long do you have to wait to have yours?

    Big hug - you will get through this horrible period and look back on it, hopefully feeling as well as I do now. I had my last cardioversion in March.

  • Regarding are you on the right drugs, I would do what Mrspat says in terms of who to contact. Re what drugs to be on, I haven't a clue, I'm just a patient like yourself. All I know is that I've come down twice badly with arrhythmia. On the first occasion they tried various drugs on me till they found the one that worked, and it worked very well. Then 10 years later, same position, slightly different arrhythmia, and again they've tried me on various drugs till they found the one that worked.

    If you've already tried various drugs and the one's you're on are the best so far, they may be all you can expect. But if you haven't had the opportunity to try others, then how can they know whether they've got the best one for you.

    A cardio said to me once, it's like cooking. They do not know which ones will work on you, it's that individual, so they try till they get the one. So if you haven't tried others, maybe you need to press for a change. I had to press last time, and if I hadn't, they'd assume I'd been coping and do nothing. And I did it via my cardio's secretary, not my GP, like Mrspat's excellent advice.

    Good luck


  • Re the aching feeling, yes I used to get the ache, weird feeling isn't ? And yr heart is a muscle and when you overwork a muscle it aches so it's not really surprising. There was a thread about this a few weeks ago and several people reported feeling this.

    Sorry you are feeling so bad and you must be worrying about your job and sometimes when the thing we dread the most happens, it can be a blessing in other ways, as Jeanie says. I gave up my salaried job in 2009 because of AF and went self employed, I don't earn nearly as much but am so much happier and I believe healthier.

    Hope you have your cardio version and feel better soon.

  • My heart would normally ach for a day or so after an attack rather than during. Failing one drug can be a good thing and failing some more even better as you can then hopefully get an ablation. If all else fails go to A&E. If your symptoms have changed you should at least go and see your doctor .

  • Your heart shouldn't really be aching. I think you need to rule out angina. See:

    and see if you have any of those symptoms. If so you need to see your doctor/nurse. it can be treated quite easily with nitro glycerine.

  • Afib is such a nuisance it affects everyone in different ways. I too have had problems with discomfort and a dull numb ache in the heart sometime the discomfort really make me so tired and totally fed up. But all the tests I have had didn’t shown up any problems’ I know its easier said than done but try not to worry too much go and see your doctor and tell of your concerns, that’s what they are there for. I did and my Dr sent me for all kinds of tests they even x rayed my neck?. But my point is.. everything was fine and that’s another less thing for me to worry about. As I am sure it will be for you

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